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Disenchantix was a witch form that Valtor gave to the Trix. Even though it seemed powerful, the Winx defeated the Trix and their Disenchantix with Enchantix easily. It is only seen in "Witches' Revelation".


The Trix have even more make-up effects and swimsuit-like outfits with some sort of color trims, gains boots, some bands on their arms and left leg and some jeweled headbands and a lot of eyeshadow. They have semi-transparent shawls wrapped around their hips with bands around their left mid-thighs. They also wear knee-length boots. They also seem to all be wearing tiaras, which could also be crowns. Unlike Enchantix, which varies from fairy to fairy, Disenchantix seems to have a very similar outfit for all witches, with different color trimmings.


Valtor called it "Disenchantix" as it is a power to defeat the Winx girls' Enchantix. By adding the prefix ("dis"), it means the opposite of Enchantix. In the Nickelodeon and Cinélume dubs, the name was never revealed.


  • By far, Gloomix and Disenchantix are witch powers/levels that are named. However, their names are only available in 4Kids dub.


Transformation Sequences

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