Diaspro's Father is the father of Diaspro and husband of Diaspro's Mother.


Diaspro's Father is a man with a light skin tone, brown hair and a fairly average build. From top to bottom, his attire consists of a pointed crown that rests close to the crown of his head just behind his bangs, an orange coat with short sleeves, gold accents and a red-and-gold collar that connects to a large red cape all worn over a periwinkle long-sleeved shirt with a large red bottom hem and red diamond pattern on his stomach, blue-grey pants and brown knee-high boots.


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Season 2


#15: Dragon's Land

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  • Since Diaspro assumes the role of Queen of Gems later into the Winx Comics, it is safe to assume that her father ascended to the role of King Father.
    • He could also still be king in the same way that Samara is still recognized as queen even after Sky's coronation as king. Like Samara, he could be holding that position until Diaspro gets married.
  • Unlike his wife, Diaspro's Father does not get any speaking roles in the comics.