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Desiryee is the Keeper of Linphea's Ocean Gate and Flora's bonded selkie.


Desiryee has light pink skin, green eyes with purple eyeshadow, pink lips and dark pink body-tail with flower patterns. She wears a hot pink spiral shell-shaped hat decorated by two pink hibiscus flowers. A transparent light green veil attached to the hat. She has a pink flower-shaped symbol on her forehead.


She is a good-hearted, caring, sweet and a very kind Selkie, and she loves and favors all of nature just as a much as Flora. She is seen decorating the underwater ocean with flowers and plants.


Season 5

In "Trix Tricks," she is first seen decorating a section of coral with flowers before Tritannus arrives and takes away
Daisyree hearts


her powers. She is later seen after Sonna and Illiris finds Flora, Stella and Musa and bring them to her, where she and Flora bond.

In "Test of Courage," she is seen along with Phylla, and Illiris on Earth where she finds the Pendant of Eraklyon and keeps it to give it to Flora to find out who it belongs to. They then fight off Tritannus to protect Serena but he defeats them and enters the gate. She then goes along with Stella, Flora, Bloom, and Aisha to finds the Gem of Courage.


Desiryee in the Infinite Ocean.

In "Sirenix," she together with the other Selkies are attacked by Tritannus. They are also seen when the Winx restore Lake Roccaluce and later enter the Infinite Ocean.


The Mystery of the Abyss

Desiryee makes her first appearance in the movie in a scene where Omnia was captured by Tritannus and Trix. She and the other Selkies were trapped in a lighting barrier, preventing them from leaving it and were covered by something not letting them speak. Then she as well as the other Selkies follows the Winx to the place where the pearl was hidden and stays outside to warn Omnia if Tritannus escapes with the pearl. She was last seen in a final fight against Politea.


  • Daisyree is another spelling of Desiryee's name that has been seen in some official publications. It is a play of words on Daisy and the female name Desiree.
    • Her name has also been spelled "Daisiree" on the Nickelodeon website, though this is most likely an error.
  • Desiryee has the power to grow flowers in the ocean like Flora's power.
  • Her name means "desire".

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