Dark Dimension p9

The Winx venturing inside the Dark Dimension.

The Dark Dimension is a hidden dimension exclusive to the Winx Club Comic Series. The Lord of Shadows, Neruman, resides within the Dimension and has done so ever since his escape from the Fortress of Light when he was outed for practicing dark magic.


Dark Dimension Portal

The Dark Dimension can only be accessed through the use of a portal and there appears to be only one in existence. The location of the portal remained unknown until Issue 97 thanks to Tecna's magical tracking device, the Searchix. Balazar was able to force the portal open through the use of Morgana's Necklace and the portal remained open due to the necklace not having enough magic to reclose it. The portal itself is a large green, skull-shaped door, decorated by three smaller skulls that sit along the top of the skull door. It is also surrounded by darker green edges with a few golden stripes.

The Dark Dimension

The Dark Dimension is a dimension made entirely out of darkness and universal dark forces, making it perfect for Neruman when he was in search of refuge from his former colleagues at the Fortress of Light. Many different planets float around in the Dimension and it is unknown whether or not there is any natural life on any of them, or even if the Dimension itself is capable of housing its own life forms. Neruman's lair is located within the Dimension, specifically on a purple skull-shaped planet reminiscent of the portal. The Dimension is also capable of surviving after Neruman's defeat as it shows no signs of collapsing.

Neruman's Lair

Golden Reef p1

Neruman's lair in Issue 86.

After escaping from the Fortress of Light, Neruman sought refuge within the Dark Dimension and built up his lair there. He has been residing within the Dimension for centuries, sending his shadows out to collect the suffering and anguish of life forms around the Magic Dimension to help him regain his body. His lair is first seen in Issue 86 and seems to mainly be comprised of a dimly light room with large glass windows and purple pillars with golden swirls. There is a pool of energy in the middle of the room and a light purple throne is located at the back of the room, where Neruman is always seen sitting. There are also other rooms within the lair, like the potions room that Balazar and another troll-like slave had to use to make Neruman a potion that would help regain his former body. The lair, alongside Neruman's shadows, collapsed upon Neruman's demise in Issue 97.


Season 4

A glimpse of the Dark Dimension is first seen in Issue 86: The Golden Reef, as it starts off with Neruman impatiently waiting for a potion said to help him recover by Balazar and another troll-like slave in his lair.

Using his shadows, he rushes the two troll-like creatures until Balazar hands him the potion he requested. However, the potion does not give Neruman his body back and he lashes out until Balazar explains that he has not absorbed enough negative energy for it to work. At that moment, one of his shadows returns having collected a substantial amount of negative energy from a realm called Iberian and, after merging with the shadow, Neruman begins to feel the potion's positive effects. Realizing that Balazar's words rang true, Neruman sends some of his shadows in the direction of Earth, as he believes that humans are weak and easily prone to suffering.

Unlike Issue 86, the Dark Dimension does not make any appearances in Issue 95. Instead, it is officially name-dropped by Ogron as he reveals everything concerning Neruman and Morgana's missing necklace to the Winx after he, Gantlos and Anagan were defeated and abandoned on Solaria.

Here, Ogron reveals that Morgana's necklace is currently in the hands of Balazar, Neruman's right-hand man, as he and his fellow Wizards of the Black Circle were tasked with giving it to him after they had stolen it sometime before the events of Issue 85. With it, Balazar plans to force open the portal into the Dark Dimension to free his Lord of Shadows, and he may have already done so!

Now that they know roughly about the necklace's whereabouts, the Winx vow to find the location of the Dark Dimension Portal to retrieve it and put an end to Neruman's dastardly plot.


  • In the Season 3 episode "The Crystal Labyrinth," Icy uses the Ancient Crow's Dust on Bloom to neutralize her powers. She explains that Valtor had stolen the Ancient Crow's Dust from a place called the Dark Dimension, but it is unknown whether the Dark Dimension Icy talks about and the one featured in the comics are one in the same.
    • Also in the Season 3 episode "Fury!," Valtor mentions using a spell from the cave dwellers of this dimension to trap Marion (in a later realized fake story).

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