Coralia is a mermaid from Andros. She lives in the Underwater Kingdom of Andros. Coralia mainly appears in Season 3. She is good friends with Amarea and Talassia.


Coralia has long red hair with coral streaks tied up into a ponytail with coral and pink strands. Her eyes are orange and her makeup is light green. Coralia's outfit is very simple as it is comprised mainly of a green bra with pink ruffles and straps in coral branches. She has a long green tail with glittery ruffled fins and three bright green stripes on her waist. Her wings are yellow and shaped somewhat like shells.


Coralia is a very gentle and sweet mermaid. She is very fearful and shy.


Coralia is captured by Valtor, along with Amarea and Talassia. Valtor places his mark on them; stealing their magic and changing them into sea monsters attacked anything that crossed their paths. After Valtor's defeat, Coralia's magic returned and she became a mermaid again.

Coralia appears again in "The Enchanted Island," as the Guardian of Tir Nan Og took the form of three mermaids from Andros: her alongside Talassia and Nerimer. The fake Coralia lured Aisha out into the water and pushed Aisha underwater after she introduced herself.


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