Convergence is a strong, joint power of multiple magic users. In Alfea, Convergence is taught in the second year. However, this type of skill is not restricted to just one type of magical being. According to Darcy, a convergence spell requires harmony within the participants. They must also focus on one point to do this.

Times When Used




Convergence in Cloud Tower.

The Winx combined their powers several times during Season 1. Their first convergence ever, was during the third episode, in which case the Winx had to remove the snake-rat egg spell set in place by the Trix, resulting in a peaceful, non-terror imposed evening.

Another time was when they were in Cloud Tower, and again when the defeated the Ice Beast on Domino by using Tecna's Static Sphere, Flora's flowers, Stella's sun magic which made the flowers blossom and finally Musa's sound power. Also with Tecna's Static Sphere and Stella's sun magic, they melted the ice around Domino's royal castle.

107 convergence

Also demonstrated in season 1 is the special convergence magic between Headmistress Faragonda and Headmistress Griffin, who are a fairy and a witch, such convergence was unthinkable, but they had proven that it was possible. They had also created a barrier around the school during a full-on assault by the Trix and the Army of Darkness.


Faragonda and Griffin converging their magic in season 1.

The fairy-witch convergence was also demonstrated by their own students when all of them combined their powers to temporarily vanquish the monsters of the Army of Darkness before the final attack.

The Trix had also demonstrated that witches can also do convergence, despite their unwillingness to cooperate with others. Their first demonstration was when they summoned the Whip to distract the Winx and Specialists while they hunt for their prize. Another time was when they blasted Riven into unconsciousness after his usefulness was over; and in the final battle, Darcy and Stormy combined their powers into a raging tornado and attacked the Winx. Later, when Stormy forms a tornado and captured the Winx, they themselves dispelled it together using convergence on Stella's scepter and turned the tornado against their enemies.



The shield being manifested in the third special.

The specials, despite the reduction of the original story line, still demonstrated convergence. The Trix used convergence to summon the Whip. Faragonda and Griffin protected Alfea briefly by combining their powers to make a shield.

Darcy and Stormy summons a tornado, converged their powers into it and attacked the Winx. When Stormy summoned another tornado and entrapped the Winx, the girls converged their power onto Stella's scepter which turned the tornado against them; effectively defeating them.


~Faragonda and Griffin Cooperate~

Faragonda and Griffin creates a barrier that prevented Darkar from harming the Winx.

In Season 2, the Winx were formally introduced to the skill. They used their convergence to defeat the monster in the simulator; they used Aisha's Morphix as the body, Flora strengthened it with a flower-like skeleton, Musa gave it the power of speech, Tecna gave her a brain to think, Stella its ability to see, and Bloom gave it life and free will. They successfully defeated the beast and escaped.

The Trix also used Gloomix Convergence as well, such as setting up traps, attacking their opponents and even joining forces to form the Mega Trix to take revenge against Darkar for betraying them.

And once again, Faragonda and Griffin have shown that a witch-fairy convergence is possible.

At the end of the season, all the Winx use Charmix Convergence to destroy Darkar.



Faragonda and Griffin converging their magic to stop Darkar's attack in the fourth special.

In this last special, The Shadow Phoenix, Faragonda and Griffin demonstrated fairy-witch convergence in which they strengthen Codatorta's physical strength to defeat a monster, protected the Winx from Darkar by forging a barrier together.

The Winx use Charmix Convergence to defeat Darkar.

There is no Mega Trix convergence in this special.

Conver with water stars

During the course of Season 3, the Winx were shown using Convergence with Enchantix: once in the museum, against Valtor, and secondly outside the door to the Crystal Labyrinth against the Trix after they blocked Bloom's powers.


There is also one where Aisha and Flora used an Water-Nature Convergence to bring the forest back to life. And Musa, Tecna and Flora's Time Freeze. Musa, Stella and Aisha also used a convergence without touching. The Winx also used convergence to get rid of Disenchantix in "Witches' Revelation". The Winx are also seen converging with Fairy Dust in "In the Snake's lair".

Convergencia contra los magos

In Season 4, the Winx barely used Convergence, but used it in some episodes, like in "Nebula". When Roxy was being controlled by Nebula, the Winx used their special Believix shields to knock out all the vengeance out of her.

Convergence 4x18

They used it in "The Gifts of Destiny" their Sophix convergence all together on the Amazon fairies. The Winx used their convergence magic when they were trapped so they used a combined energy blast to create a hole through the wall.

Winx Sofix Convergence

The Winx (Stella, Musa and Flora in "Morgana's Secret)" used a Believix Convergence to against the Fairy's of Vengeance. In the final episode, "Ice and Fire", the Winx, Roxy, and Nebula used a shield and attack called "Believix Magic Convergence" to overpower and defeat the wizards. After the Wizards was struck by the Believix convergence spell, the wizards created an ice spell to freeze the fairies, but instead it overloaded and reversed direction, the Wizards froze and fell in the ravine, never be seen again.

Lovix Convergence

The Wizards of the Black Circle were the first of the wizards to demonstrate convergence (though there may be many that were done off screen). Which includes opening the portal of the Black Circle to capture the last Earth fairy, and when they converged their powers to search for the White Circle after re-encountering it in "The White Circle".

Dark Sirenix convergence

In Season 5, they used Believix convergence to defeat the Trix.

They also used convergence to make a harmful factory eco-friendly on Earth. They used Harmonix convergence to activate the Source of Sirenix and gain their Sirenix.

517 convergence 2

Also, the Winx used Sirenix convergence in order to stop the Tornado that was created in the big pile of garbage and used in order to sustain the Pilliar of Light, though unsuccessful.

Selkie convergence-14-2

Later, it was used to stop a monster that Tritannus created to stop the humans from cleaning up garbage on the island. Later on, another one is used to free the selkies. In "Saving Paradise Bay," the Winx use convergence to create a blue bubble to reach the top of an island.  They also use convergence on the Island World to find the Breath of the Ocean.


In Season 6, they used their special Sirenix spell to attack the Beast of the Depths. They also use convergence to attack Selina and the Legendarium but failed and got their powers taken instead except for Bloom.


Later on, the Winx (minus Bloom) use a Bloomix convergence with Daphne against a Sphinx. Later in "The Anthem", the Winx (minus Musa) use a Mythix convergence against Rumpelstiltskin.

In Season 7, the Winx barely used convergence. However, the Winx were seen using convergence in "Butterflix", where they use their Bloomix powers along with Roxy to help free the Digmoles from Brafilius' monster.

Later, the Trix were also seen using convergence to break the Alfea's magic barrier. Then, against the battle with the Alfea Fairies and finally to merge with their Fairy Animals via Wild Magic.


List of Convergences




  • Charmix Convergence
  • Charmix Convergence - Harmony Overload (In the original Season 2)
    Charmix Convergence

    Charmix convergence



  • Believix Defense Shields Convergence - Used by the Winx Shields to get Nebula out of Roxy's body.
  • Magic Convergence
  • Believix Magic Convergence - Used only in the final episode of Season 4.

Magic convergence to break free from the trap


  • Winx Sophix Convergence


  • Winx Lovix Convergence


  • Winx Harmonix Convergence


  • Winx Sirenix Convergence
  • Dark Sirenix Convergence

Dark Witch


  • Bloomix Convergence


  • Mythix Convergence


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