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The Company of Light was a group formed by Queen Marion and King Oritel of Domino in order to protect their world, Domino, in face of the attack from the Ancestral Witches. The Company of Light was formally introduced by Headmistress Faragonda in Season 3, Episode 7 "Heroes of the Past". Faragonda revealed to Bloom more about her birth parents' origins involving the connecting to Valtor. Since King Oritel and Queen Marion disappeared into Obsidian, up until the first movie, the Company of Light disbanded for more than seventeen years. It wasn't until the destruction of Obsidian, and the return of Oritel and Marion, that the Company of Light was revived. Now, the legendary group is formed by six fairies: The Winx Club.

Known members

Current members


The new Company of Light

Former members

Company of Light

The former Company of Light




  • The Company of Light shares some similarities with the Order of the Phoenix of the Harry Potter Series in that it was founded to fight against dark forces (Voldemort in Harry Potter; Darkar, the Ancestresses and Valtor in Winx Club), was dissolved when the enemies were first defeated and became formed again when the dark forces came back after many years.
  • The number of former members of the Company of Light is also the same with the number of new members of the Company of Light.


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