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Cliff is one of the judges of the reality talent show, WOW. He generally keeps a bright, upbeat attitude and he always votes positively to any talent that shows up. He is notably the opposite of Margot, who is the more negative one out of the two.


Cliff has a square face with prominent jaw and tiny nose. He has tan complexion, green eyes and light blonde hair in pixie cut. He wears a pallid t-shirt with purple collar, hues from white to purple from top to bottom, and an indigo shark in the middle with yellow details. Outside of his t-shirt he wears a light green shirt covered by lilac and light blue patterns and two moss green pockets. From waist to bottom, he wears a dark mauve belt with a gold eagle buckle, slim light jeans, sneakers with yellow patterns and purple/mauve strips. For his accessories he uses two mauve wristband with lilac lines one on each wrist, a lavender baseball cap with bright purple strips and a white dotted necklace with a gold circle at the front.


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