The Clankies is a species of Fairy Animal which appear in Season 7.


The Clankies are the residents of the MiniWorld of Precious Stones. They are the ones who are responsible to keep the Pyros' Magic Fire stable in order for the Pyros' Dragons to get its power.


They resemble the mini dragons, with fish-like/dragon-like ears, horns, wings and sparks of fire at the tip of their tails. They have brown eyes and pink blushes. Each of them has a large hexagonal gemstone attached to their foreheads. Their colors are varied.

Magical Abilities

The Clankies can shoot fire-based beam of energy from the gemstone on their forehead to attack. They can also absorb the Pyros' Magic Fire and returns it back to original place as shown when Biff absorb the Pyros' Magic Fire when the Vampire of Fire attacks him.


Season 7

In "The Magic Stones," when the Winx are inside the MiniWorld of Precious Stones, the Winx meet Biff, a Clanky and a residence of the MiniWorld of Precious Stones. By trusting the fairies, Biff brings the Winx to the heart of the volcano. Thanks to its technomagic, Tecna manages to repair the diamond that feeds the volcano, but in doing so, she free the Vampire of Fire, opening its jaws, he attacks them. The fairies are able to defeat him with a special spell of Bloom and Elas. For his good deed, Elas is getting awarded a new horn, where it turned silver. Later, Biff thank the Winx for restoring the Pyros' Magic Fire and they bid farewell.


  • The sparks of fire at the tip of their tails makes them resemble Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard from Pokémon series.
    • Interestingly, both the Clankies and Charmander's evolution lines are dragon/lizard-based with fire-based power/ability.
  • The way the Clankies shoot beams from the gemstone on their forehead resembles the way the Selkies attack via shooting beams from the symbols on their foreheads.


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