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Character Information

Voiced ByWinx Club:
Perla Liberatori
Lara Jill Miller (Special,Seasons 3 - 4)
Alejandra Reynoso (Season 6)

Jennifer Seguin
Powers and AbilitiesSuper Hearing
Bonded FairyFlora
First AppearanceThe Shadow Phoenix
Affiliation(s)Winx Club, Pixies
Pop Pixie of Gossip
Pop Pixie

Associated PetBla Bla the Frog
PhobiaSilence: A quiet place makes her anxious, she sweats heavily and her hair stands up on end, triggering unusual reactions.

Chatta is the Pixie of Gossip and is Flora's bonded pixie. In Season 2, Chatta helped Flora express her feelings to Helia, which resulted to Flora earning her Charmix. Chatta usually translates Piff's baby talk.

Personality Profile

She is very outgoing and always in the know. When she was first bonded with Flora, she wanted to know everything about her if she has a boyfriend, and if he is tall, dark, and handsome. Flora once pointed out that Chatta usually knows everyone's secrets. Chatta is also very loud and loves to text.She is always leading the pixies such as in the episode "A Trap for Fairies" ,saying she was the leader not Lockette. It was mentioned in the trailer of PopPixie she will still be the leader because she is the main character. Chatta and Stella are very much a like in appearance and manner; so much so that Chatta has been mistaken for Stella's pixie, and Amore for Flora's even though she stays with Stella when Flora is busy.

Chatta, in her detective outfit


Winx Club

She has long, curly bronze-gold pigtails, bangs, and slightly tanned skin with big amber eyes. She wears a lighter green version of Layla's fairy outfit without the sash and a shirt like Icy's civilian shirt. Overall, she resembles Stella in appearance and in mannerisms. Her wings are blue color. She also wears panties  under her skirt which have the same color as her outfit. Chatta has green boots on her feet and appears to be the tallest of the pixies.

Pop Pixie

Off the Hook (2)

Chatta's MagicPop opened up in Episode 18


Chatta wears a glowing green dress with purple ruffles on the top and shoulder straps, along with a purple underneath layer to the dress. She wears purple wrapped bracelets on her wrist, green shoes, and a wispy glowing green cloth-headband. Her scrunchies are pink and tube-like.


Chatta's outfit consists of a short bright green sweat jacket with matching shorts and a lavender colored jacket underneath. She wears the same green shoes, and still keeps her hair in her trademark ponytails.


Chatta wears a green with light purple tank-top and blue shorts. Her hair is worn in braided pigtails held with small green beads and a big purple bead in the center, while near the bottom of the pigtail is another purple bead.

Swimsuit 1

Chatta wears a purple tank-top and a green skirt. In her hair she wears pink-purple flowers at her pigtails.

Swimsuit 2

Chatta's second swimsuit consists of a purple bikini with green lining on the bottom and straps, along with a green belted purple bikini hot pants. She also has on purple clogs with tan platforms, and wears green and purple flowers below her pigtails.


While camping Chatta wears a green tanktop and orange-brown shorts. Her hair is worn in a single ponytail on the side of her head in a braid, held with a red piece.


Chatta wears a sky blue and light purple-pink themed pajama set. She wears her hair
in braided circles on the top of her head hold with fuschia flowery pieces.


Winx Club

Season 2

Chatta is introduced in this season, along with the other bonded pixies. She bonds with Flora, despite being total opposites. Flora being quiet and shy, and Chatta being talkative and confident. Chatta helps Flora confess her feelings about Helia.

Season 3

Chatta appeared in an episode when the Winx are trying to fight Valtor. The pixies were in charge one day. Until Livy told them what happened. Chatta also helped some of the pixies defeat the Trix.

The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Coming Soon
Chatta First Movie

Chatta in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Season 4

Chatta appeared in the second and fourteenth episode, but only having minor roles in both episodes.

Magical Adventure

Chatta (along with the rest of the pixies) makes a small appearance while setting up lanterns but get attacked by the Trix.
Chatta 2Movie

Season 6

In "The Legendarium", Chatta and the other pixies go to Alfea and celebrate at Faragonda's 100 years anniversary party. Back in Pixie Village, she is seen trying to defend her village along with the Winx and other pixies.

In "Flying School The Flying School",she is seen with the other pixies in the winx's room when they were trying to cheer them up.

More coming soon...


Coming soon...

Magical Abilities

The End is Getting Nearer (48)

Chatta's MagicPop

She uses her gift of the gab to convince, confound and even stun people, putting her enemies to flight. Chatta is the queen of gossip: with her power she can get anyone to tell her anything and she uses her talkative ways to defend herself and attack, but above all the information that she gathers is the best way to get herself out of trouble. Her special power is useful whenever her friends need information.

When she goes into action against her enemies she hears them even when they are very far away, a skill which in her everyday life allows her to intercept all sorts of gossip and she is always the first to know the latest news.


  • Her name is derived from the word 'chat' and could be a play on the word 'chatter'.
  • She and Flora has the same voice actress in the Nick's dub.
  • She shares her voice actress with Stella in the Cinélume dub of Pop Pixie.
  • In the Latin American dub, her name is sometimes mentioned as "Chat".
  • She looks a lot like Stella when she was in her Magic Winx or Charmix mode some people think that Chatta should have been Stella's pixie due to the resemblance.
  • In the Brazilian dub her named was changed to Carla.


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