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Charmix is a power-up introduced in Season 2. It consists of a brooch and a bag. Fairies will earn after they overcome their own shortcomings. The power-up does not last long and fades off, leaving the fairy with their standard Winx form. Most of the Winx earn Charmix in the Wildlands by overcoming their emotional turmoil. Only Flora receives her Charmix by admitting her feelings to Helia in Pixie Village.

However, in the Nickelodeon Specials, Charmix is the standard fairy form rather than a temporary power-up. The standard fairy form was just renamed "Charmix" in order to keep the storyline for Season 2 brief enough that it could be shown within four Specials.


  • Bloom: A gold and silver heart-shaped brooch and a fuzzy pink heart-shaped hip bag.
  • Stella: A gold and silver mirror pin with a divided moon and a blue hip bag with swirls on it.
  • Flora: A silver brooch with two long upside-down curves ending in spirals with a dark purple stone and a dark pink rose shoulder bag.
  • Musa: A treble clef-shaped pin with with a CD player waist bag.
  • Tecna: A triangle pin with a transmitter waist bag.
  • Aisha: A leaf-shaped pin with a pink stone and a pink water gourd hip bag.

Ways to Acquire

  • Bloom: Thinking quickly and saving her friends from a falling cable car without using her powers, and also by admitting her angry behavior toward Sky. (S2E20)
  • Stella: Apologizing to Aisha and admitting her insecurity. (S2E21)
  • Flora: Admitting her feelings to Helia. (S2E23)
  • Musa: Trusting Riven alone with Darcy even after he was dating her while under a spell. (S2E21)
  • Tecna: Telling Timmy how she truly felt about him and showing emotion by crying. (S2E22)
  • Aisha: Conquering her fear of being alone. (S2E22)

Known Charmix Fairies



  • The name Charmix comes from the word "charm". Charms are objects, acts or words which are believed to have magical powers. To charm someone or something means to use a magical charm on somebody/something.
  • Unlike the other transformations featured in the Winx Club, Charmix does not have an outfit change, rather it is an accessory.
  • Charmix has been featured the least, only lasting six episodes.
  • Besides Winx, Sophix, Lovix, Sirenix, Mythix, Butterflix and Tynix, Charmix was not earned on the sixth episode of the season.

Transformation Sequences

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