List of Missing Doll Lines and Toys

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For future reference, and feel free to edit this and add/remove things with time, here is a list of doll lines (and some toys/figures) missing from this Wiki. This is partially so I don't stress about forgetting them, but also for anyone who may have info to know that we need to make articles for them. Companies include Giochi Preziosi, Mattel, JAAKS, Witty, Smoby, etc. Some are from the US, some are from Italy, some are from Asia, some are from Turkey, some are from Russia, etc.


  • Kiko (plush, Mattel)
  • Magic Pixies (toy, Mattel)
  • Magic Makeover Pixies (toy, Mattel)
  • Magic Glam Light Up Jewelry Box (toy)
  • Pixie Kisses (pixie figures, Mattel)
  • Magical Friends (Pixie Pet plush, Mattel)
  • Winx Club Fairy Magic Fashions (Clothing Pack, Mattel)
  • Slumber Party (Mattel)
  • Shopping (Mattel)
  • Princess Ball (Mattel)
  • Pyjama (Mattel)
  • Beach (Mattel)
  • Ball Gown (Mattel))
  • Sunny Day (Mattel)
  • Rainy Day (Mattel)
  • Pixie Flight (Mattel)
  • Regal Lights/Millenium (Mattel)


  • Dress Up Clothes (JAAKS)
  • Believix Hair Styling Set (Bloom, Stella, Flora, JAKKS, toy)
  • Summer Fashion (JAKKS)
  • Summer Collection (JAKKS)
  • Bloom & Pets (JAKKS, Canada Exclusive)
  • Glam Party Pack (JAKKS)
  • Winx Club Bloom & Sky Exclusive 11.5" Doll Set (JAKKS)
  • Bloom with Believix Fashion (JAKKS, Combo, UK Exclusive)


  • I Heart Dance
  • Frutty (Witty)
  • Look Fatala (Harmonix styling head, Witty)
  • Scepter & Role Play Wing (Witty)
  • Fairy Look (Styling Head, Witty)
  • Charmix Fairy (Witty, My Fairy Friend)
  • My Fairy Friend (Witty)
  • Love & Pet (Witty, new Chinese version)
  • Believix Fairy (Witty, new Chinese Version)
  • Sophix Fairy (Witty, new Chinese Version)
  • Lovix Fairy (Witty, new Chinese Version)
  • Believix Fairy (new, Witty)
  • Mare e Magica (Witty)
  • Birthday Fairy (Witty)
  • Fashion Dress (new, Witty)
  • Magic Styling Head (Witty)

Giochi Preziosi

  • Fate Parlanti
  • Disco Magia
  • Summer Magic
  • Magic Pixies (toy)
  • Sophix + Love&Pet (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Fate on Ice (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Mia Dolce (baby dolls, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Party (Giochi Preziosi)
  • I Love Dance (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Magical Compleano (1st Movie, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Daphne (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Fashion Danco (Giochi Preziosi, 1st Movie, unsure name)
  • School Girl (1st Movie, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Bloom & Friends (1st Movie, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Ballerina (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Scented Charmix Dolls (2nd Season)
  • Magico Sogno (1st movie, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Fate Harmonix (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Magical Princess (Giochi Preziosi)
  • HallowWinx Styling Head (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Fate sul ghiacco (Winx on Ice, 2 versions, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Super Fate Enchantix (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Fatina Magiche Ali (Winx Enchantix, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Trendy (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Nuove Petinnature (Charmix, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Ali Lucindalabbra (Winx Enchantix, 1st Movie, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Velano Davvero (toy)
  • Pixie Love (Winx Enchantix with pixies, 1st Movie, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Princepessa Grand Ballo (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Fata & Pixie (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Princepessa Del Regno (1st Movie, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Magici Capelli (S1/S2, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Denim (S2, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Romantco Princepessa (S3, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Magica Sirena (Coralia, Nessa, Kalia, Talassia, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Part School (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Princess Ball
  • Wildland Outfits (unsure name, Giochi Preziosi)
  • Magia Dell'Estate (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Frutty (Giochi Preziosi)
  • Magica Pattinatrice (Giochi Preziosi, Winx on Ice)
  • City Girl


  • Fairy Princess (2nd Movie, Smoby)
  • Bloom & Sky City of Love (Smoby)


  • Rock Concert (Smoby)
  • Magico Microfono (Smoby)

Unknown at the Moment

  • Magical Party
  • Castello di Alfea (makeup kit)
  • Mini Winx City
  • Winx Club denim collection
  • Mini Winx Ballerina
  • Sogno Danzate
  • Fashion Dress (Newer version, Bloom, Stella, Flora)
  • Magica Believix
  • Princesse Chanteuse Glamour
  • Lovix Fairy
  • Music Band
  • Winx Birthday Girl
  • Bikini (S5)
  • Fairy Magical Wings
  • Western
  • Trendy Adventure (2nd Movie)
  • Winx Ocean
  • Magazine accessories
  • Magiche penne
  • Super Glamour (clothing)
  • Love & Pet Mascotes

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Tbh, there might be more dolls that we missed out besides the ones you listed down right here.

Love Addiction 07:50, July 9, 2017 (UTC)

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I'm aware there are probably countless lines, but this at least gives us a general idea of what to look for by listing a few. I hope you don't mind.

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