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Butterflix is a transformation after Bloomix and before Tynix in Season 7. It is the parallel transformation with Tynix and also the main transformation of Season 7.

  • Previous Transformation: Mythix
  • Next Transformation: Tynix


Butterflix fairies wear flowing outfits. The outfits are bright, colorful and often fluffy, layered dress and also have butterflies wings' parts that match their wings. They wear matching butterfly wings' veins-like wristband and high heels. The hair is often stays loosely braided or tied into bubble ponytail, and is decorated with butterfly-based hair accessories. The wings are big and take form of butterflies' wings with variant patterns. Instead of having the cells of the wings like the previous transformation, Butterflix wings only have veins.


In order to acquire Butterflix, the fairy must prove herself worthy as the true defender of the fairy animals.

Magical Abilities

Their physical powers are similar to Believix, considering now they can calm down the fairy animals using their special spells just like in Believix. As the essence of the nature, the Butterflix power grants the users the nature-based power. However, it cannot damage nature itself.

Every fairy has a different type of this power:

Known Butterflix Fairies



  • The name Butterflix comes from the word "butterfly", which is also the essence of the Butterflix power.
    Bloom's Prototype Butterflix

    Bloom's Butterflix concept art

  • In the early concept art, Bloom did not have a butterfly on her hair but a matching flower-like object, her wings were bigger and colorful and almost similar to her Mythix, her dress had more colors and her hair was long with braids and stayed in a simple ponytail, her arms wore a ribbon like in her Sirenix's, her shoes were also barefoot sandals, which were similar to her Enchantix's.
  • This is the first transformation to feature dance scenes during the transformation.
  • As Butterflix is granted by the nature, which makes it a nature-based power, it is the second nature-based power. The first being Sophix.
    • While Sophix has floral appearance, Butterflix has faunal appearance.
  • This is the second transformation where Stella wears her hair down after Mythix.
  • Butterflix is the earliest earned transformation, having been earned in the third episode of a season.
  • This is Tecna's fourth transformation in which she does not wear pants or shorts. The first one is Sophix, second is Harmonix and the third one is Mythix.
  • The animation affects of this transformation, the butterflies, are similar to the Winx's Believix animation affects when they use their special powers.
  • Butterflix is the first transformation in which the girls wear makeups in their lower eyelids. The second being Dreamix.
  • Stella is the only one to turn right, while all the other girls turn left during their transformation.

Transformation Sequences

Winx Club - Season 7 - Butterflix Transformation!03:07

Winx Club - Season 7 - Butterflix Transformation!

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