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Tressa using Breath of the Ocean

Tressa using the Breath of the Ocean to summon the Selkies of all the oceans

Breath of the Ocean is a magical stone from the Island World of Infinite Ocean.


The Breath of the Ocean is a disc-shaped stone. It is sky blue with a pale blue wave-like band between two darker blue lines in its center. It also has two wave-like blue lines across it.


Season 5

In "Saving Paradise Bay", when Tritannus causes acid rain in Paradise Bay on Earth, Nereus tells the Winx  that they need to obtain the Breath of the Ocean to clean the bay. The Winx then go the the Island World in the Infinite Ocean where they have to battle the MantocefalusesFlora found the Breath of the Ocean and made its light shine over the island, which made the Mantocefaluses disappear and restored the island to its former glory, making it lush and full of plants.

After the battle between the Winx and Tritannus at Paradise Bay, Flora used the Breath of the Ocean in combination with her Sirenix spell, Flower of Sirenix, to clean Paradise Bay and restore it to its former self.

In "Battle for the Infinite Ocean", Tressa also used this stone at the Infinite Ocean to summon the selkies from all the oceans for the final battle.


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