An arena packed with beauty queens... I'm scared to go in there.
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Boxen is a PopPixie character. His biggest enemy is Caramel.


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Doctor Boxen appears as the dentist of Pixieville. He always popping up out of nowhere to badmouth cakes which he hates and check the teeth of customers at the Molly Moo. He also often organizes campaigns to "stop" Caramel and Martino and close the Molly Moo forever. But when his campaign failed (again) in episode 45, he used a dark spell to transform Caramel, Amore, Cherie, Chatta and Lockette in dangerous monsters. But his plan was stopped by Ninfea and as punishment he could choose between eating one of Caramel's cupcakes or helping her in the kitchen. Boxen chosen for the second option.