Bloom & Sky - Ep725
Bloom and Sky are a couple featured in Winx Club. They are formally introduced to each other by Stella in Season 1, with Sky being introduced under the name "Brandon" due to assuming his squire's name for security purposes.


Bloom and Sky are a close couple whose relationship has endured many ups and downs throughout the course of the series. Though there are times where their wills can waver, they have both been incredibly loyal to one another and their relationship has still managed to survive all of the trials they have faced. This leads to Sky asking Bloom to be his princess at the end of the first movie, The Secret of the Lost Kingdom and formally asking Bloom to marry him towards the end of Magical Adventure. In both instances, Bloom accepted happily, and the two have been engaged ever since.



Bloom and Sky first meet in the latter half of the first episode, as the Specialists had arrived to help aid Bloom and Stella in their fight against Knut and his ghouls. Stella formally introduces Bloom to all of them, but Bloom seems to quickly develop an interest in Sky who was under the alias "Brandon" at the time (which is also reciprocated on his end).

Throughout Bloom's time at Alfea, she and "Brandon" grow quite close as friends; dancing at the end of "Alfea College for Fairies" and so on.


Bloom and Sky's imaginary first kiss.

However, their relationship hits multiple bumps on the road, with the major bump happening in the episode "Secrets within Secrets," where Bloom finds out that Sky had switched identities with Brandon and was engaged to Princess Diaspro. This revelation even causes Bloom to leave Magix, believing that she was never meant to be a magical being.

Luckily, the two of them later reconcile during the war against the Trix and restore their friendship. The two even imagine sharing a kiss once the war has passed but they hug each other instead.

Bloom and Sky have become closer this season but the two of them still seem insecure of their relationship. Initially, this is more apparent on Bloom's end which can be seen specifically when she, Stella, Sky and Brandon accompany their new friend, Aisha, in a mission to rescue her Pixie friends from Lord Darkar. Throughout the course of the mission, both Sky and Aisha openly express how impressed they are with the other's survival skills. These comments were made purely out of a mutual respect, but it still created tension between the group as Bloom quickly became jealous of how much attention Aisha was getting, causing Bloom to behave slightly antagonistic towards her. This can be seen during a scene in the episode "Princess Amentia," where Bloom expresses her jealousy much more obviously at the sight of Aisha embracing Sky after rescuing her (which was not shown in the 4Kidz dub).

Through the course of the season, Bloom and a majority of the Alfea Fairies develop an interest in their newest professor, a mysterious paladin named Avalon. Bloom seemed to have developed an especially strong crush on her new professor which can be first seen in "Party Crasher." There, she left the Winx to look for Professor Avalon and she was so caught up in finding him that she left Sky in the dust to continue her search. Sky gradually became jealous of Avalon thanks to Bloom focusing all of her attention on him, making Avalon the only thing she would talk about when they were together. Even after Avalon revealed that he could help Bloom uncover her past, Sky remained jealous of how eager Bloom was to be with Avalon over him.

2x10-Bloom and Sky

Bloom embracing Sky after reviving him.

A notable strain in their relationship happened in "Crypt of the Codex," where the two got into an argument over the phone in the beginning of the episode. Bloom even told Sky to go talk to Diaspro as an insult after crashing into a pillar. This leaves both parties frustrated for the remainder of the day and, at night, Bloom confesses to Flora that she does not know why Sky would be jealous of Avalon. Things soon took a turn for the worse as the Trix attack Red Fountain for its piece of the Codex and, during their attack, Icy lands a fatal hit on Sky, leaving him unconscious and slowly dying. Bloom desperately tried waking Sky up but he remained unresponsive and Flora confirmed that he no longer had a pulse. Afraid of losing Sky, Bloom's trauma managed to awaken the healing aspect of the Dragon's Flame as she confessed her love for him, and the healing flames managed to revive Sky. Relieved and overjoyed, Bloom embraced Sky and the two of them made up. Despite all of this though, Bloom remained insecure in their relationship.

In "Battle on Planet Eraklyon," she and Flora accompanied Sky and Brandon to Eraklyon to rescue Diaspro. There, she met Sky's parents, the king and queen of Eraklyon and it did not go smoothly as her being unaware of royal mannerisms caused her to embarrass herself in front of them; furthering their already negative opinion of her in the process. Luckily, Bloom makes quite an impression on Erendor and Samara at the end of the episode after she played a major role in rescuing Diaspro and convincing the techno-ninjas to work elsewhere.

Further into the season, the Winx and Specialists were sent off on a vacation to the Wildlands by Faragonda in order to repair their strained relationships. There, the group gets trapped inside a cable car but, thanks to Bloom's quick-thinking, they all managed to escape safely. Upon landing in the snow, Bloom confessed to everyone that she really was beginning to doubt her relationship with all of her friends and earned her Charmix in doing so.

Though their relationship had begun to mend itself, things took a turn for the worse when Bloom is kidnapped by Professor Avalon's imposter under Lord Darkar's orders. The remaining Winx girls, Specialists and Pixies orchestrated a rescue mission with help from Faragonda, Griffin, Codatorta and the Codex Guardian Pixies, with Sky having led most of the mission, being especially frantic over the possibility of losing Bloom forever to Darkar's influence.

Bloom . Sky

Sky reaching out to Bloom.

In the season finale, everyone managed to enter the Relix Realm but were unable to put a stop to the ritual. Darkar had paralyzed everyone to stop them from trying to interfere but Sky was able to overcome his paralysis and approach Dark Bloom. Believing that the real Bloom was still there, Sky confessed his true feelings for Bloom with the hopes of bringing her out. He quickly faints after making his confession but, to everyone's surprise, Bloom was able to recall all of her memories with Sky and his love for her breaks her free of Darkar's grasp. Using the Ultimate Power, Bloom reverted back to her original state and healed every one of her friends and allies in Relix. Everyone then escaped as Relix and Darkar's Fortress crumbled after Darkar's defeat.

Afterwards, everyone celebrated Darkar's defeat with another end-of-the-year party at Alfea. At the party, Sky looked for Bloom and, after finding her, the two talked about what happened inside Darkar's Fortress—more specifically, about Sky's confession. Bloom admitted to also being in love with Sky and the two share a kiss before being called over by their friends to take pictures.

Bloom and Sky's relationship seemed to have hit a bump sometime after Darkar's defeat, as it is revealed that they got into a fight. Bloom is noticeably upset by this even to the point of not wanting to go on break until she could talk with Sky. It does not help that they cannot find time to talk any time soon as Sky was already on his way back to Eraklyon by the time she told the girls. Fortunately, Sky was able to turn around to reunite with Bloom thanks to having received an invite to Stella's Princess Ball. He then accompanied Bloom to the Princess Ball as her date.

Later on, in the episode "The Company of Light," Sky visited Bloom at Alfea and revealed that Eraklyon's 1,000th Year Anniversary celebration was coming up. There, he planned to profess his undying love for Bloom, announcing their engagement in the process. Though nervous, Bloom happily accepted and spent most of her detention with the Winx being taught how to act like a princess.

Things soon entered a downward spiral, however, when during the celebration, Sky is placed under Valtor's influence thanks to a love potion Diaspro had gotten from the evil wizard. When the time came for Sky to profess his love for Bloom, he did so but for Diaspro, breaking Bloom's heart and shocking his friends. When the Winx tried to approach Sky for answers as to why he was stringing Bloom along, Sky immediately sent his guards on them under the accusation of them being witches and Bloom being a servant of Valtor's. His blind rage even tore apart his friendship with Brandon and, despite Bloom trying to reach out to Sky, Sky pushed her farther back at every turn; calling her a witch more and more and showing no hesitation when it came to harming her.

Naturally, Bloom was devastated by Sky's sudden shift, as seen in "The Heart and the Sword" and, with the added pressure of being seen as a threat to the safety of Alfea's students by some of their parents, Bloom left Alfea to calm down in Gardenia. While there, Vanessa convinced Bloom into at least getting an answer from Sky and Stella soon arrived at Bloom's home with news of Sky and Diaspro's engagement. This furthered Bloom's resolve in getting an answer.

Valotors Mark

Bloom finding Valtor's Mark on Sky's shoulder.

With Riven and Tecna's help, Bloom returned to Eraklyon with Stella, Flora and Musa by her side to confront Sky, however, all of her questions were met with nothing but animosity. He then pursued the Winx along with his guards and managed to corner the four fairies in a room full of armor. During their scuffle, Sky was knocked to the ground and the right shoulder of his suit was cut, revealing that Valtor's Mark had been placed on him. Stella then used her Fairy Dust on Sky and though it was able to remove the Mark, the Winx were unable to see it happen, so Bloom worried that the spell may not have been broken.

In "Fury!," it is revealed that Valtor's Mark was indeed lifted from Sky and, after regaining his senses, Sky had Diaspro banished from Eraklyon under an act of treason. He also freed Brandon from imprisonment and came to Alfea to make amends with Bloom, but he had arrived too late as Bloom had left to train on Pyros: The Island of Dragons.

The two were reunited in "In the Snake's Lair" once Bloom returned from Pyros with her incomplete Enchantix powers. After reconciling with Sky, the two of them head for the Omega Dimension to meet up with their friends on their search for Tecna and throughout their search, Bloom assured both herself and Sky that she would never risk losing him ever again.

With the Winx Club reunited, the six fairies were more determined than ever to defeat Valtor. After having learned about the Water Stars—the only things that could snuff out the Dragon's Flame—the Winx, Pixies and Specialists (excluding Riven and Helia) headed for the Red Tower. Since Bloom's Enchantix was still incomplete, she was unable to enter the Red Tower with the rest of the Winx so, to pass the time, she played a ball game with Sky, Timmy, Riven and Ophir in "The Crystal Labyrinth."

Towards the end of the season, Bloom and Sky embraced as they celebrated Valtor's defeat in "Wizard's Anger." However, their happiness did not last as Bloom could not shake the feeling that Valtor had survived their bout. Bloom's unease was later confirmed to be true in the following episode, as all of the Specialists except Helia were kidnapped by Valtor in a last-ditch effort to exact revenge.

In response to Valtor's message, the Winx, Helia and Nabu headed for Andros' Omega Portal to combat Valtor. They each entered a different pathway and Bloom found herself in a room where Sky was suffering just behind a wall of fire. Bloom braved the wall, only to be faced with a Sky imposter created by the fiery part of Valtor's Spell of the Elements. Luckily, Bloom figured out that she needed to strike Valtor down to defeat the Fire Monster and successfully did so through her Dragon Fury spell.

Further into the season finale, Bloom used the essence of her Dragon's Flame to seek out Valtor's spark of the Flame, which caused her body to fall lifeless as her spirit fought Valtor from the inside. Sky kept Bloom's body close by and feared that she had sacrificed herself to destroy Valtor for good. Fortunately, the essence of Bloom's Dragon's Flame returned to her body and Sky embraced her, relieved that she was alive.

As Season 4 opens it is revealed that with Sky now being the King of Eraklyon, Bloom rarely has time to see him. When the Specialists arrive at Alfea to meet their girlfriends, Bloom feels sad that Sky is not there. Her attitude quickly changes as Sky is revealed to be hiding in the Specialists' ship. Their reunion is cut short as the Winx prepare to depart for Earth to find the last terrestrial fairy of Earth.

After the Winx set up their Love & Pet shop in Gardenia, Bloom's ex-boyfriend Andy shows up. He invites Bloom and the Winx to see his band perform at the Frutti Music Bar. Around the same time, Sky and the Specialists arrive in Gardenia under secret orders by Faragonda to help the Winx. Bloom, not knowing that Sky is in Gardenia spying on her, is seen hanging around with Andy. After seeing Bloom kiss Andy on the cheek out of thanks, Sky assumes that Bloom still has really strong feelings for him and gets jealous. After fighting the Wizards of the Black Circle, Sky mentions to Bloom the Specialists' orders to help the Winx but also says he saw her with Andy. Bloom gets angry at him that he did not trust her and for spying on her. She storms off with the rest of the Winx.

When the Winx fix up their apartment, Andy and his band stop by to see how its going. Stella mentions to Bloom that Andy is still into her which Bloom is surprised about. Sky and the Specialists (taking advice from Mitzi) appear sometime later to find the Winx with Andy and his group. Andy wanting to relieve the tension between everyone leaves but invites the Winx and Specialists to see his band play at the Frutti Music Bar. Sky then confronts Bloom about how close she and Andy are and storms off with the rest of the Specialists.

The two are seemingly at odds with each other at times, but they later reconcile after Bloom gets her Believix form and abilities.


Bloom and Sky in Season 5

In "The Spill", Sky shows up with a new changed hairstyle. Bloom appreciates the change. However, he plans to give her the Pendant of Eraklyon two times before he finally lost it in a rescue action at oil rig. In that case, an old omen says if the crowned prince of Eraklyon loses the pendant,it means that he will never be happy with the girl he loves. From that time, Sky starts to avoid Bloom. Ultimately with his sacrifice for Bloom, he gets amnesia. From that moment, he treats Bloom like a stranger. In "The Sirenix Book", he still cannot remember anything and eventually dismiss her during their walk.

In "The Shimmering Shells", Sky accompanied Bloom, Musa and Tecna in their mission in saving Gardenia's Ocean. Later on, Bloom tells her to fight the sea monsters but does no know how to use a sword but later, he regained a bit of memory and uses that sword to save Bloom.

Later, he accompanies Bloom as well as Stella, Flora, and Aisha to Domino to attend a ceremony of Domino's revival (see Secret of the Lost Kingdom). Bloom tries to remind Sky that it was his courage that helped revived Domino from its icy prison, but he cannot remember that. When the Trix attacks the castle and iced over Oritel and Marion, Sky managed to defend them from getting shattered. He and the Winx quickly fought off the Trix, then he and Bloom restored Oritel and Marion back to their real selves. It was also at that time Flora returned the Heart of Eraklyon back to Sky, who then instantly regained his memories. He finally presents the heart to Bloom.

Later, Diaspro abuses her new position as Erendor's liaison to drive a wedge between Bloom and Sky. Working around the royal politics, Sky and Bloom were able to get in touch with each other at times, refusing to let anything or anyone get between them. Bloom gets a vision of herself and Sky holding each other tenderly when she was dancing before the magical mirror, thus opening her heart and earning her ballet shoes.



Bloom was watching the girls become the Guardian Fairies of the Magic Dimension when

Bloom and Sky SLK
Sky came there to comfort her. Bloom and Sky were later seen dancing in the fields of Alfea. Sky was telling Bloom something but he was disturbed by a ship from Eraklyon.

Later on, after Bloom dreamed about Daphne telling her about admission to Domino, she later wakes up and goes into the living room and saw the Winx and the Specialists (minus Sky but came in as a surprise).

Bloom was still disturbed by the Eraklyon ship that picked Sky up earlier, fearing for the worst. Sky tries to explain what it was all about, but she tells him to explain after the mission since she did not want to risk getting distracted emotionally. During the battle with Mandragora and the Ancestral Witches, after Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Aisha get defeated, Sky entered the dimension and pulled out the Sword of Domino despite Bloom's protests that doing so would kill him since he is only a prince. He apparently died from the sword's curse, devastating Bloom, but was taken by surprise when he suddenly got up to save her in time from a possessed Mandragora. Bloom then learned from Sky that the transport from earlier that picked him up was to get him to his coronation as King of Eraklyon, making him the "crownless king" in the legend, thus allowing him to use the Sword of Domino without hassle.

At the end of the movie when they have saved Domino Bloom has a princess ball, she dances with Sky. While dancing they pass by Stella and Brandon, Brandon passes a box to Sky which contains a ring. Sky whispers into Bloom's ear saying "will you be my princess?". Bloom says yes in the form of a loving kiss.

Things were going great for Sky and Bloom as they are now engaged. However, when Sky's father, King Erendor, found out that Sky's intention is the Princess of Domino, he tells his son to cancel the engagement, much to his confusion and shock. He demanded to know why his father would ask him of such a thing, where he revealed a dark truth about his kingdom and its relation to Domino...

Bloom became devastated when her engagement to Sky was just cancelled, which her father, Oritel, took as an insult. As a result, Bloom was met with several possible suitors, none who could hold her interest. Finally, she was met by a disguised Sky whom she recognized and was in the midst of explaining what happened, but was caught by Oritel. Not giving Sky a chance to speak in his defense, he banishes him from Domino. Bloom is angered at her father's actions and leaves for Earth in retaliation as she did not want to be near him for the moment.

On Earth, after Oritel finally managed to listen to reason thanks to Marion, tries to apologize to Bloom for what he did to Sky, but like he did with him, Bloom refuses to give him the time of day and bluntly states that she is going to meet up with Sky whether he approves or not.

The Winx and the Specialists took an airship to find the tree of magic, before it was overrun by doppelgangers. Bloom and Sky managed to successfully fight off their and each other's fakes. Even while kissing, they took down two doppelgangers trying to blindside them.

After the final battle once the Ancestral Witches and the Trix defeated, Oritel and Erendor make up, and give their children their blessings for their engagement.

Sky and blom in the movie

Bloom and Sky.

Bloom along with Kiko leaves for Gardenia to spend a whole day with Sky. Then, they seen enjoying their day, and eat ice creams.

The Trix go to Gardenia and attacks Bloom and Sky, though without her friends, Bloom tries to fight with the Trix alone but fails to do so and falls unconscious. The Trix capture Sky and take him to the Infinite Ocean, where they tie him to the Throne and cast a spell on him so he was bound with the Emperor's Throne.

Bloom regains her consciousness. Flora tells her that something is going wrong in the Infinite Ocean and Stella asks Bloom where is Sky to which she answers that Sky has been kidnapped by the Trix and they took him to the Infinite Ocean. She tells them that they have to hurry to the Infinite Ocean to save Sky.

Sky after drowning.

Sky after drowning.

In the Oblivion, Bloom wakes up in an empty room, and a dark illusion of herself appears and tells her that she has abandoned Sky but Bloom realizes that she was in the Oblivion.

In the Emperor's Throne, Sky breaks free from the Throne, but instantly falls on the ocean floor, because of the spell put on him. Later, Omnia use the pearl to heal Sky.

Bloom & Sky kiss.

Bloom & Sky kiss.

Sky wakes up and ask what happen to the Trix and Tritannus. Bloom says that the Trix fled and Tritannus is once again banished to the Oblivion and the pearl is back to where it should be. Then, Bloom and Sky kiss. Then, Kiko comes and gives an ice cream to Sky and he says he is dying for an ice cream and everybody laughs.

Bloom and Sky was also seen dancing in the Gardenia park at the of the movie.



As a couple, Bloom and Sky have a few songs:


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  • Out of all the main couples, Bloom and Sky are the only couple in which both parties have a known ex-lover: with Andy being Bloom's ex-boyfriend and Diaspro being Sky's ex-fiancée.
  • The kiss that the two of them imagine sharing during the Season 1 finale actually happens in the comics as evident in the beginning of Issue 13: Moonlight when the Winx tease Bloom about it being proof of her and Sky's relationship.
  • Also in the comics, Bloom and Sky go through one major breakup.
    • In Issue 74: Love and Duty, Sky and Brandon have to return to Eraklyon once a full-scale war breaks out, which even caused Sky's parents to seek refuge. The two Specialists communicated with their respective girlfriends through letters until Sky's last letter. In it, he explains that they can no longer send letters as they could be tracked to their location and could put Bloom and Stella in danger. Also fearing that he may never be able to return to Bloom's side, Sky calls off their relationship. This leads an emotionally vulnerable Bloom to date Jordan in the next issue.
  • Currently, there has always been a character that stood as a hindrance to Bloom and Sky's relationship in at least one episode of the seven seasons that have aired.
    • Seasons 1, 3 and 5 had Diaspro cut between the two in some way; mainly by exploiting Sky's difficult life as a crown prince/king.
    • Season 2 had Professor Avalon due to Bloom's short-term crush on him.
    • Season 4 had Andy, Bloom's ex-boyfriend, suddenly step into the picture while the two were already engaged in an argument.
    • Season 7 had Elas, Bloom's Fairy Animal, become jealous of Sky trying to be close with Bloom.

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