• Emeliya7

    transformation names

    July 20, 2017 by Emeliya7

    Is it just me, or does any body else realize that the transformation names all end in -x or -ix. Such as Winx, Believix, and Enchantix? Hopefully, somebody else realized this before me (I guess).

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  • The Oblivious Prattler


    July 13, 2017 by The Oblivious Prattler

    Am I the only one who loves this transformation? Yes, the name's silly (though more tolerable than other transformation names in the comics), but the outfits themselves are lovely. They remind me of the Lynphea College students' fairy outfits, which I also loved. Plus, it's a nature-based transformation, so it's not as ridiculous as food magic or something like that.

    Honestly, Greenix is the only comic-exclusive form I wouldn't mind seeing in the show. I don't know what the powers would be, though. The Winx have already had two nature-based transformations, Sophix and Butterflix, so what else could Rainbow come up with as far nature spells?

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  • Anon3610

    Recently, I've been creating articles for doll lines and I'm having a very difficult time making the distinction between a few lines, specifically Witty and Giochi Preziosi. Apparently, they're the same thing, or related somehow. I can tell a Giochi Preziosi doll S1 - S2, but it's with the "My Fairy Friend" line and the newer lines that it gets hazy. Sometimes, what I think is Witty Toys has a Giochi Preziosi logo, or it comes up a certain company when I thought it was another.

    It's even harder when Smoby and Simba are added to the mix. I can't always figure it out between two brands, let alone four. Can someone more experienced with Winx dolls than I help me out? If anyone thinks they can be helpful toward the doll articles, I've compiled …

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  • Lunastar24

    What powers would you have if you were a winx?

    Dragon fire









    etc powers

    Mine would be animals, even though Roxy is'nt part of the winx I would definetly have the powers of animals and able to talk to them, and protect me from danger, and most of all not abuse them. 

    If i had a second power it would be Love to make a person fall in love with the right person and able to tell who's relationship is good or not. . 

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  • KillRoy231

    (Only the RAI/Cinelume dub, not the Nick dub)

    It's kinda hard to tell the difference between the two sometimes. Is Duman's accent Cockney or Australian?

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  • Anon3610

    Stella talks about this girl in "Win-x Together!" Doesn't she look reminiscent of Rose from Regal Academy, one of Iginio Straffi's newest projects?

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  • Anon3610

    Song Track Project

    June 24, 2017 by Anon3610

    What I've done is wrote out the actual album names for a song's track listing in a song's article. For instance, Way of Sirenix now says "Winx Club 6 - Bloomix" instead of "Album soundtrack", just to correspond with its album listing in its infobox. I've noticed that Season 4 songs have been in a lot of albums, and in writing out the album name for S4 songs, it makes the Track Listing page much too long, at least for most S4 songs, so I've left those (for now, or until there's a better method).

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  • 7-45 Fire

    The Roxy question

    June 22, 2017 by 7-45 Fire

    I keep getting into a argument with someone over this. If their any confirmation that Roxy is or isn't a Winx? Because seriously this whole bait and on the edge kinda thing is getting old.

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  • Rhiabloom12

    This has been bugging me a while, but multiple translations of the same spell are usually listed under multiple pages rather just one. After comparing  the spells to those listed on the Italian wiki and some simple deduction, these are the potential corrections I found.

    There are also some cases where Cinelume added a spell name when there was none, and instead may be an (originally-)unnamed use of another named spell. Or where what was said was not actually the name of a spell.

    • Dragon Energy = Full Dragon Energy = Dragon Fury(401) (Energia del Drago)
    • Dragon Fury = Fury of the Dragon (Furia del Drago)
    • Flame Storm = Flame Storm Vortex Burst (Tempesta di Fiamme)
    • Flames of Bravery = Bravery Flames (Fiamme del Coraggio)
    • Untranslated: Scudo Magico(31…

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  • 7-45 Fire

    Yeah I know no ones going to see this but I'm wondering does World of Winx informartion technically count? The series and the spin off seem to contridict each other on events.

    For instance in the Main Series everyone now knows about magic, the Winx where celebretities because of iit for a time and had a rock band. In the Spin off it seems no one knows about Magic, Winx are Celeberties because of WoW, and they just started a Music ceare.

    ]It's kinda clear that WoW might be it's own conitunity seperate from the main series.

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  • DragonfireVioletta
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  • Bloomer111

    fanfictions and me

    June 7, 2017 by Bloomer111


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  • 7-45 Fire

    No seriously watching the series and thinking about it makes me wonder a few things.

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  • Theweathercat2002

    the weather channel retired the intellastar 1 in 2015 

    And the BBC should get the rights because ....

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  • Fleur123

    I found an item from season 4 that resemble the Magic Watch! I believe the item itself don't have a name but Tecna called her "action" by "Teletransport Tecno-Magic" (or maybe that was the item name but it sounded otherwise). It was used on episode 16 to teleport the White Circle and the Winx to Tecna's videogame, but since i'm still re-watching the series i don't remember/know if it was used elsewhere...

    The similarities is that is round with a lid and its used for teleportation just like the watch. The teleportation works differently instead of a portal it scan the object/person and send to the chosen place, but it was only shown sending the people/objects for a digital place not a real life one. What you guys think? Should or could this …

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  • Anon3610

    What if the Wiki made an infobox template for realms and planets? It would list the ruler(s), council members, age, have a gallery link, etc. I feel like it would be beneficial to the Wiki, and dress up a plant/realm article rather than just leaving a thumbnail photo. I'll list examples below.

    I don't know how long it takes to create something like that, or how someone would go about doing it. I'd absolutely love to start on a project like this, but I feel like I'd to know more about coding on the Wiki. I have a basic understanding on codes and commands from personal life and from what I have had to learn here to make successful edits.

    Everybody started somewhere. If you're familiar with things like this, how'd you get your start here, and w…

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  • WhiteJasmineFlower

    This is just gonna be a short blog.

    I'm sure you've all already noticed that the comics are being renamed. However, the ones with the old way of naming will have that as their redirect page, (i.e. The Shaab Stone --> Issue 21: The Shaab Stone; "The Shaab Stone" will be the redirect page.) Due to the large amount of comics, their characters and other things, it is a hassle to have to go each page and rename them. And again, this'll only apply to the ones that were already named the previous way.


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  • 7-45 Fire

    Yeah I need a bit of help  I can't find a link to the discoussion on fairy powers with Winx Club's creator Iginio Straffi?

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  • Anon3610

    I really don't believe Bloom gained the Vortex Flame from the test of the Vortex.

    Many argue that she gained the Vortex Fire and it mixed with her Dragon Fire for two reasons.

    1) She defeated the Fire Eaters, which requires the possession of the Vortex Flame, meaning that she must have it and it must have filled her empty space.

    2) Her weakness was healed, implying the Vortex Fire filled her empty space.

    I'm going to attempt to disprove these two theories below, as I believe the Vortex Fire didn't mix with her Dragon Fire.

    1: disprove) If you look closely, at the time she emerges from the Vortex destroying a Fire Eater and when the last Fire Eater is destroyed in the hall, she has a magic aura around her: which I believe is the Vortex Fire. Meani…

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  • Anon3610

    Edit Count

    May 14, 2017 by Anon3610

    My edit count went from 999 to 961. Is it normal for it to drop like that?

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  • Bezza1999
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  • Theweathercat2002

    weatherscan track 28 

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Hi guys. The not-so-interesting blog update of mine is here again haha. I'll be direct to the following updates/announcements to save our time.

    • Introducing scrollbar. I'm not sure if you all notice this or not but the scrollbar is added to infobox (like Bloom, Stella and some articles) -- fully stylized to match with all current themes. The purpose is to decrease the height of that row. Y'all know there are rows in infobox with content larger than 4 lines, right? Scrollbar serves that. I'm doing all the modify right now so there's no further guide yet. I'll be sure to update, but make sure that you don't try to add any scrollbar in any infobox (I'm doing that, okay?).
    • Introducing discussion feature. This feature is widely added in wiki network…
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  • Emeliya7


    April 18, 2017 by Emeliya7

    I think that not only Bloom should have the chance to be evil, but the other fairies as well. We could make a new season and call it " (insert enemy name) Returns.

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  • Theweathercat2002

    For some reason the Weatherscan music acts the boss of the sound when I watch winx club at parts .copyright 1999 to 2017 the weather channel and copyright 2003 to 2017 rai .

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  • Theweathercat2002

    When the winx are on earth the doctor goes to magix to save them from the daleks . (note the theory gets into doctor who from the BBC .In other words doctor who is the BBC counterpart counterpart of winx club or the BBC's take on winx club )copyright 1963 to 1989 ,1996, 2005 to 2017 the BBC ,copyright 2003 to 2017 rai

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  • Rhiabloom12

    In my attempts to create a reasonable timeline I have ended up making two conclusions. A) The Alfea School Year begins in October and ends in August. B) Gardenia is located in the southern hemisphere. Note: I am unable to conclude one theory that agrees with all information. This theory agrees with all the information except for the Christmas episode in season 5 where it is shown snowing in Gardenia during December.

    At the beginning of season 3 and at the end of the Winx's second year at Alfea it is announced Stella is having a princess ball. A princess ball is described by Aisha(Layla) as being "a coming out party for royalty" or in other words a coming of age ceremony. Combined with Brandon describing of his present for Stella during the …

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  • The Oblivious Prattler

    Has anyone considered this as a reason why Rainbow killed off Nabu and broke up Musa and Riven? If the couples had stayed the same for the whole series, here's what the Winx's love lives would have looked like now:

    • Bloom: Engaged to her second boyfriend
    • Stella: Possibly engaged to her first boyfriend
    • Flora: Dating her first boyfriend
    • Aisha: Possibly engaged to her first boyfriend
    • Tecna: Dating her first boyfriend
    • Musa: Dating her first boyfriend

    This is assuming Rainbow didn't introduce more past boyfriends like Andy, but those would have just been puppy love/crushes anyway.

    If we limit this to boyfriends who were main characters, the list would look like this:

    • Bloom: Engaged to her first boyfriend
    • Stella: Possibly engaged to her first boyfriend
    • Flora: Dating her firs…
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  • Meher Cheema


    March 20, 2017 by Meher Cheema
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  • Emeliya Asad


    March 10, 2017 by Emeliya Asad

    Does anyone want to become friends with me? Just type your name in the comments to get added to my going-to-be- friends list. It's okay if you don't want to join. If you do, that's going to help me a lot. Thank you for reading this whoever is reading this and chat with me at Live! Chat. I'll head out there just after typing this. GoodBye!

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  • Bloomer111

    I miss Dark Bloom

    March 10, 2017 by Bloomer111

    Dark Bloom's return would be so cool. Anyone agrees??

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  • Büşra Çelik
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  • 2008c9

    Avviso di carnevale

    February 28, 2017 by 2008c9

    Caro/a amico/a della rete, ho per te un avviso molto importante da annunciarti! C'entra eccome con il carnevale, ed anche con le Winx...

    Ecco cosa devi sapere: nelle città più importanti delle Marche verranno a festeggiare le Winx ballando con noi ( esattamente non ricordo in quale città)...

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  • KillRoy231

    How come I haven't found any information about him at all? Why does it seem like he doesn't exist?

    For those who don't know, Cedric Kuhle is the Cinelume voice actor of Valtor, who does quite an amazing voice that is on par with the best voices of Paul and Brian Dobson of the Ocean voice studio (particularly as Naraku from Inuyasha and Super Buu from Dragonball Z, respectively).

    But how come he doesn't exist according to wikipedia and imdb? The only place I've ever been able to find his name is on here, as it's said he does the voice of Valtor. But why is he so mysterious? Is he really one of the Dobson brothers using a pseudonym for some reason? (after all, Ogron, Anagan, and Gantlos's voice actors are Canadian, so I'm guessing Cinelume is …

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  • 2008c9

    Benvenuti a ''TRIVIA QUIZ''

    February 26, 2017 by 2008c9

    Sono contenta di essere ancora qui al computer a scrivere... ma ora basta con le chiacchiere, si inizia con un trivia!

    Come si chiama la sorella di Bloom?

    - Musa


    - Dafne

    Se risponderai prima di tutti gli altri, potrai passare al trivia sucessivo!

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  • ThoththeAtlantean

    Which are also Realms.

    Realms of the Magical Dimension

    1. Andros
    2. Callisto
    3. Dolona
    4. Domino
    5. Earth
    6. Tir Nan Og
    7. Eraklyon
    8. Hoggar
    9. Linphea
    10. Magix
    11. Melody
    12. Ohm
    13. Oppositus
    14. Romulea
    15. Solaria
    16. Zenith
    17. Whisperia
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  • 2008c9

    my blog

    February 4, 2017 by 2008c9

    Ciao! Scommetto che sei qui per cercare ispirazione o sapere informazioni in più sulle attività del mio blog. Ecco tutto ciò che devi sapere:

    1- metto molte foto sulle Winx

    2- organizzo diversi trivia

    3- mi fa piacere che le persone si divertano nella mia pagina

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  • Right-leftbud


    February 3, 2017 by Right-leftbud

    Hello everybody! I'm so excited to be here. Well....i am a boy. but i like this!!!!!! This is like (AHHHH) This is why i like Winx Club 

    1. I like all of the characters
    2. It's a girl show
    3. Their transformations are amazing.
    4. And thats all.

    My fav character is Musa. 


    Employee Butterbeer (Sorry...i just love harry potter) Thanks to "MUDMAN"!!!! We would woke up earlier!

    Employee Mudman: Butterbeer! I did woke you guys up! 

    Employee RedBloodCell: That's all wrong! I'm gonna tell the truth!

    Employee Mossy: NO RBC! DON'T TELL IT!

    Employee RedBloodCell: We broke the fair of JUSTICE because i put to much nitrogen in the cube of JUSTICE and the fai…

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  • KillRoy231

    If anyone's interested, here's a crossover fanfic I wrote where the Winx villains team up with the Big Five from Yu-Gi-Oh and the Koopalings from the Mario games to defeat Dimentio and Fawful at the Super Mario 64 levels.

    Note: Will not include Tritannus or anyone after Season 4 coz Season 4 is as far as I go. Nor any movie villains coz movies are in Nick dub. So, only the Trix, Darkar, Valtor, and the fairy hunters Ogron, Anagan, Gantlos, and Duman. They'll be paired together according to how much I like them:

    1. Darkar, Duman, Nesbitt, Iggy
    2. Gantlos, Gansley, Morton, Roy
    3. Valtor, Anagan, Lector, Ludwig
    4. Ogron, Crump, Lemmy, Larry
    5. The Trix, Johnson, Wendy

    Don't expect the Tri…

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  • MermaidMelodyFanForever

    Here is a gallery providing HD official photos of the girls' outfits in Season 1.

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  • Shadow fairy16

    Daphne's history

    January 21, 2017 by Shadow fairy16

    I have been wondering about this for year since they brought Daphne into the picture.

    So, Daphne seemed taller and older when they first showed her as she saved Bloom from the fire. If they look the same height, same age now. How come she was older when Bloom was a baby. This don't make any sense. They seem like the same age (about 16, 17, 18) and height when they showed them together in the sixth season and beyond.

    Does anyone else seem to notice this? It is very hard to explain and I may have confused you guys but I have been trying to figure this out for a while now and I just can't get it through. Is Daphne secretly in her 20 or 30's but the curse made her stay in teenage form or something? Know what I am talking about here? If anyone ha…

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  • ThoththeAtlantean

    Earth Fairies

    January 12, 2017 by ThoththeAtlantean

    Here's what I said myself about the Earth Fairies after they been freed from their imprisonment of their kingdom. For freeing them and even stopping on their quest of revenge and defeating the Wizards of the Black Circle. With the Wizards imprisoned in the Omega Dimension and restoring magic back to Earth and reconnect it back to the Magic Dimension. With Magic Energy restored to Earth, it'll be like give the Earth Fairies a chance to restore balance to the world.

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  • XLukas

    Hello everyone, now, I will be discussing about something I've seen only on this and other wiki pages. 

    I will be talking about new people trying to help this community, but they can't.

    I've only recently joined Winx wiki, and I like it. However, if I want to contribute and help this community I got one problem. I ran into new Comic and I wanted to write out summary for it, now, the issue was that I couldn't edit the page. That is because admins locked it. This can be solved in few ways I can list down below. There was another thing. I created the page for Comic Character Cadyr. Next day, I wanted to include some more info, but the page that was originally created by me was locked. I think this is a big issue for those who wanna try become p…

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  • CheeksChu

    Power Sources!!!!!

    January 11, 2017 by CheeksChu

    Just wanted to create a chat to talk about all the different power sources in the winx club franchise. 

    But I just wanted to get some help because I have only watched the first 3 seasons so far.

    Thanks so much.

    Also it would help if you could say the order of most powerful to less, some other important details, and etc. 

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  • TwilightKitsune

    Bloom is a Mary Sue

    December 30, 2016 by TwilightKitsune

    Bloom sucks and honestly is my least favorite character on this show. I feel like throwin' a brick at her. Really. She has all the things her friends can never have. She got her sister resurrected and Musa still has to deal with her mother's death. She still has her syrenix when everyone else lost theirs. All the show does is focus on her. And whenever the Winx do something, Bloom is the only one credited. 

    Also read:

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  • Amir999990


    November 26, 2016 by Amir999990


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  • BelieveInMagic814

    Okay, As You Guys Know Just Recently We Held A Forum To Decide The Theme For Halloween & Now We Are Finally In The Process For The Final Voting.

    So, As You Can See Below Here We Have Two Backgrounds... Well, There Is A Reason Why There Two Backgrounds. The First Background Below Is An Accidental One Here... The Designer Who Help Making It Kinda Accidentally Made One Before I Could Tell Her About Theme & The Second Below Is The One You Guys Suggested.. & Because Of That, The Designer Has Decide To Merge Both Themes Together (red, orange and purple).

    19:23, September 25, 2016 (UTC)
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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Fairy sign

    September 10, 2016 by Aphrodite Sweetheart

    I have always been a girl who is so much enchanted by mysteries and mysterious things. One of them are astrological sign -- or "the Zodiac". In my country, people actually believe that the year you were born can decide your fate -- yes, it is the "Chinese Zodiac". And one day, I just bumped into something belongs to Winx universe, and as you know, it is "fairy sign".

    Unlike Zodiac or Chinese Zodiac, which you could actually search on Internet and find out their meaning, I doubt if you have found anything about fairy sign. The furthest you have found -- my humble guess -- is your own fairy sign, and you found it via your birthday, from the official website. But have you ever wondered what do they mean? Well, in my shoes, I have.

    I, by chance,…

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  • SolanaCorona
    • Be respectful of other's opinions.
    • Be polite and courteous; no trying to instigate fights.
    • Bear in mind that this discussion is purely opinion based. If your opinions coincide with the series canon, then just explain said opinion. Don't expect everyone else to think the same way.
    • The Trix girl you're talking about doesn't have to be your favorite! You can talk about any of them, even more than one if you really need to.

    Out of the Trix, Icy seems to be the strongest, right? Well... for the past week, I've been thinking that the title of Strongest Trix should actually be going to Darcy. I mean, if you think about it, absolute darkness can pretty much trump almost every power. I've thought over which possible match-ups Darcy could win in and I'…

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  • BelieveInMagic814

    New Moodboards

    September 2, 2016 by BelieveInMagic814

    Well, So Recently Today, The Official Website Updated The Winx's Moodboard/Profile With A New Design Although Only The First Moodboard Is Available To Be Viewed.

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