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  • ThoththeAtlantean

    Which are also Realms.

    Realms of the Magical Dimension

    1. Andros
    2. Callisto
    3. Dolona
    4. Domino
    5. Earth
    6. Tir Nan Og
    7. Eraklyon
    8. Hoggar
    9. Linphea
    10. Magix
    11. Melody
    12. Ohm
    13. Oppositus
    14. Romulea
    15. Solaria
    16. Zenith
    17. Whisperia
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  • 2008c9

    my blog

    February 4, 2017 by 2008c9


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  • Right-leftbud


    February 3, 2017 by Right-leftbud

    Hello everybody! I'm so excited to be here. Well....i am a boy. but i like this!!!!!! This is like (AHHHH) This is why i like Winx Club 

    1. I like all of the characters
    2. It's a girl show
    3. Their transformations are amazing.
    4. And thats all.

    My fav character is Musa. 

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  • KillRoy231

    If anyone's interested, here's a crossover fanfic I wrote where the Winx villains team up with the Big Five from Yu-Gi-Oh and the Koopalings from the Mario games to defeat Dimentio and Fawful at the Super Mario 64 levels.

    Note: Will not include Tritannus or anyone after Season 4 coz Season 4 is as far as I go. Nor any movie villains coz movies are in Nick dub. So, only the Trix, Darkar, Valtor, and the fairy hunters Ogron, Anagan, Gantlos, and Duman. They'll be paired together according to how much I like them:

    1. Darkar, Duman, Nesbitt, Iggy
    2. Gantlos, Gansley, Morton, Roy
    3. Valtor, Anagan, Lector, Ludwig
    4. Ogron, Crump, Lemmy, Larry
    5. The Trix, Johnson, Wendy

    Don't expect the Tri…

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  • MermaidMelodyFanForever

    Here is a gallery providing HD official photos of the girls' outfits in Season 1.

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  • Shadow fairy16

    Daphne's history

    January 21, 2017 by Shadow fairy16

    I have been wondering about this for year since they brought Daphne into the picture.

    So, Daphne seemed taller and older when they first showed her as she saved Bloom from the fire. If they look the same height, same age now. How come she was older when Bloom was a baby. This don't make any sense. They seem like the same age (about 16, 17, 18) and height when they showed them together in the sixth season and beyond.

    Does anyone else seem to notice this? It is very hard to explain and I may have confused you guys but I have been trying to figure this out for a while now and I just can't get it through. Is Daphne secretly in her 20 or 30's but the curse made her stay in teenage form or something? Know what I am talking about here? If anyone ha…

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  • ThoththeAtlantean

    Earth Fairies

    January 12, 2017 by ThoththeAtlantean

    Here's what I said myself about the Earth Fairies after they been freed from their imprisonment of their kingdom. For freeing them and even stopping on their quest of revenge and defeating the Wizards of the Black Circle. With the Wizards imprisoned in the Omega Dimension and restoring magic back to Earth and reconnect it back to the Magic Dimension. With Magic Energy restored to Earth, it'll be like give the Earth Fairies a chance to restore balance to the world.

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  • XLukas

    Hello everyone, now, I will be discussing about something I've seen only on this and other wiki pages. 

    I will be talking about new people trying to help this community, but they can't.

    I've only recently joined Winx wiki, and I like it. However, if I want to contribute and help this community I got one problem. I ran into new Comic and I wanted to write out summary for it, now, the issue was that I couldn't edit the page. That is because admins locked it. This can be solved in few ways I can list down below. There was another thing. I created the page for Comic Character Cadyr. Next day, I wanted to include some more info, but the page that was originally created by me was locked. I think this is a big issue for those who wanna try become p…

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  • CheeksChu

    Power Sources!!!!!

    January 11, 2017 by CheeksChu

    Just wanted to create a chat to talk about all the different power sources in the winx club franchise. 

    But I just wanted to get some help because I have only watched the first 3 seasons so far.

    Thanks so much.

    Also it would help if you could say the order of most powerful to less, some other important details, and etc. 

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  • TwilightKitsune

    Bloom is a Mary Sue

    December 30, 2016 by TwilightKitsune

    Bloom sucks and honestly is my least favorite character on this show. I feel like throwin' a brick at her. Really. She has all the things her friends can never have. She got her sister resurrected and Musa still has to deal with her mother's death. She still has her syrenix when everyone else lost theirs. All the show does is focus on her. And whenever the Winx do something, Bloom is the only one credited. 

    Also read:

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  • Amir999990


    November 26, 2016 by Amir999990


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  • BelieveInMagic814

    Okay, As You Guys Know Just Recently We Held A Forum To Decide The Theme For Halloween & Now We Are Finally In The Process For The Final Voting.

    So, As You Can See Below Here We Have Two Backgrounds... Well, There Is A Reason Why There Two Backgrounds. The First Background Below Is An Accidental One Here... The Designer Who Help Making It Kinda Accidentally Made One Before I Could Tell Her About Theme & The Second Below Is The One You Guys Suggested.. & Because Of That, The Designer Has Decide To Merge Both Themes Together (red, orange and purple).

    19:23, September 25, 2016 (UTC)
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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Fairy sign

    September 10, 2016 by Aphrodite Sweetheart

    I have always been a girl who is so much enchanted by mysteries and mysterious things. One of them are astrological sign -- or "the Zodiac". In my country, people actually believe that the year you were born can decide your fate -- yes, it is the "Chinese Zodiac". And one day, I just bumped into something belongs to Winx universe, and as you know, it is "fairy sign".

    Unlike Zodiac or Chinese Zodiac, which you could actually search on Internet and find out their meaning, I doubt if you have found anything about fairy sign. The furthest you have found -- my humble guess -- is your own fairy sign, and you found it via your birthday, from the official website. But have you ever wondered what do they mean? Well, in my shoes, I have.

    I, by chance,…

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  • SolanaCorona
    • Be respectful of other's opinions.
    • Be polite and courteous; no trying to instigate fights.
    • Bear in mind that this discussion is purely opinion based. If your opinions coincide with the series canon, then just explain said opinion. Don't expect everyone else to think the same way.
    • The Trix girl you're talking about doesn't have to be your favorite! You can talk about any of them, even more than one if you really need to.

    Out of the Trix, Icy seems to be the strongest, right? Well... for the past week, I've been thinking that the title of Strongest Trix should actually be going to Darcy. I mean, if you think about it, absolute darkness can pretty much trump almost every power. I've thought over which possible match-ups Darcy could win in and I'…

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  • BelieveInMagic814

    New Moodboards

    September 2, 2016 by BelieveInMagic814

    Well, So Recently Today, The Official Website Updated The Winx's Moodboard/Profile With A New Design Although Only The First Moodboard Is Available To Be Viewed.

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  • Jade Merrilees
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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Okay. You may want to ask "Why do we need to emigrate the infobox(es)? I like the current one(s)/They look fine to me." and "Why haven't you done anything recently?".

    First. I do have done things recently, but just minor edits and deleting stuffs. I do have a horrifying summer semester and I do have to work hard, therefore, I do not have much time in here. Besides, people are working hard and things are great so I do not think I need to do anything recently with stacked and tight schedule.

    Second, this is the reason why we need to emigrate the infoboxes from their current form to portable form. We do not do that because the big wikis all do it. We do it because it is convenient to mobile users, and it will lower the traffic. Because so, (I h…

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  • Sirenixisthebest03501

    I just saw a photo, a fanart, of Diletta as a nymph. This made me thinking. Daphne, Politea and Omnia who are nymphs as well, were introduced into the show. I hope they reunite the Nine Nymphs of Magix and will give more details about them.

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  • Qijivu


    July 31, 2016 by Qijivu

    there's nothing yet

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  • RubyPower44

    I Don't Get It

    July 27, 2016 by RubyPower44

    Okay I get what you guys are trying to say they can be together no I guess it doesn't matter

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  • KillRoy231

    I don't know if I did this before

    Now, Stella used to be my favorite Winx so I noticed they deliberately left her out of the action for two arcs in a row in Season 3.

    First, when she's turned into a monster, thus preventing her from transforming. This is acceptable because it was the plot of the arc, and gives us some hate for Cassandra and Chimera making it all the more satisfying when Stella owns them all over the place.

    But the second arc was the trip to Andross. Stella stayed behind to cover for them, as they snuck out without Faragonda's permission assuming she wouldn't give it to them.

    First, Faragonda sent them on missions in the previous season. She saw them kill Darkar, so it should stand to reason that they might stand a chance against…

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  • Gaeltrisha

    I am Gael Trisha G.Aguilar. Why do I like to draw? Because I can express how I feel sometimes,like when my drawings are happy,sad,serious,mad,I feel it plus,when your an artist like me drawing is part of your world,drawing is precious no one can buy your style.Because drawing is a part of you.Actually,at start I wasn't good at drawing but I try and try until succeed.Even if you fail you should try just like me.Well I have to tell you drawing is a virtue,patience,happiness,and more,

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  • Eddy7454

    Hey everyone!Today, I watched on YouTube and search again for Mythix Transformation, and finally they released full transformation of Mythix!

    Here's link if video has problem:

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone here knows Italian or Russian (or you know someone knows Italian or Russian)? I (by chance and luck) find out the scans of the book/novel Winx Club: Sirene. They would help us finishing the missing information in some articles. But both the scans I have are in Italian and Russian, either the languages I do not know (I know a little of Italian - vocabulary - but never learn about the grammar so it is not enough to translate). If you (or the one you know) can help translating these, feel free to leave a message on my talk page and we will talk about the details :D. Thank you very much for your time. -- 12:12, June 24, 2016 (UTC)

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  • EliteSupreme

    It has seen that in every new season or at least in every new transformation, the fairies lost their older transformation powers or they did not use them again as far as I've seen. And they could only use the new transformation powers even if the new powers were some of old ones with new name. Here are some examples: Bloom has had healing power, has gotten it in season 2 episode 10; Later in next seasons she never used healing power again. In season 3 the winx got their fairy dust; In next seasons they never used it again but if they would they could break a lot of dark spells and heal themselves and also heal Sky and Helia instead of Krystal in season 5. The winx were not able to use wings like zoomix or sub-transformations of believix. I…

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  • Emily8


    June 12, 2016 by Emily8


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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    I do not know if this blog makes sense because it is incredibly short. But I just want to say I will take my hiatus now. I shall be back in mid-June or later. All the WIP things of mine (mostly templates) shall be delayed so I hope people understand. I has pretty been occupied with the internship and big project (but done only by myself) so I cannot ensure I will edit or do anything. I might still log in and check things but probably have no time to do other things. So, please take good care to the wiki. Thank you all. -- 10:00, May 20, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Amir999990

    So,everyone noticed that there were tons of changes made in Winx Club trough the seasons and that Nickelodeon made some changes asswell.Since you cant comment on articles,i will have to compare Winx trough this blog post :P

    SEASON 1-As first season of Winx,it has memorable content and very interesting storyline.Bloom discovering that she is fairy,Winx starting battling Trix,i bet most people are watching old Winx episodes somwhere-

    SEASON 2-This season is more interesting than first one,as Bloom will eventualy become evil for a brief period of time and more acction taking place,even new transformation is was great,but i just dont like that Nickelodeon changed Charmix to standard transformation,people these days wont know that Charmix used to…

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  • The Oblivious Prattler

    I hear a lot of fans say Aisha shouldn't date Nex because "he's like Riven." (I've heard it twice this week alone.) Problem #1: the "like Riven" part. I just ranted about this misconception on my main blog, so I won't do it again. Read my post if you'd like to.

    Problem #2: Often, these fans support Musa X Riven. They love them (or they just love Riven). They think these two are still meant for each other. He must come back for her...even though they were the most unstable, unhappy couple in the whole series.

    Aisha shouldn't date Nex because "he's like Riven?" What does that even mean? Are these fans saying he treats her the same way Riven treated Musa?

    If that's what they mean, it's a huge double standard. If being "like Riven" makes Nex a bad boyfri…

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Hi guys. I have something to discuss.

    1. Television footers. Recently, a staff (Raylan13) informed us (via Flamephoenix's talk page) this content. It looks to be a community-help-each-other place, divided by genres. Below are his explanations (I asked things such as "what will we do once we joined" and "how the television footers work"):

    "Once s site is approved and included in the footer, the footer is placed at the bottom of that site's main page. It's designed to have a transparent background to best match with any site's theme for the least intrusive effect. To remain on the footer, all a community has to do is remain active; also, there's a small chance interested users might come by with questions about the site's topic or even just ge…
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  • MagixInWinx


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  • WhiteJasmineFlower

    Hey guys, so I requested to be the Leader of Project Comic and it was accepted. And I just wanted to ask you guys some things regarding the comics.

    There are spells in the comics that are not seen in the animated series and I wanted your opinion if we should allow a page for them or not. The thing is, so far, most of these spells are usually only used once and not used again.

    And also, I've created a category for the recent comic: Season 4 Comics; do you think there should be other categories to help catalog the comics or not?

    Just wanted your guys opinions, so let me know! :D

    Edit: Also, forgot to mention, I'll be making grading templates for the comics when I have time. Just an fyi.

    Edit 2 (3/18/16):

    So far, I've gotten the sections down, and …

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  • Amir999990

    I know Season 6 has passed long time ago,but i found this 3 unused scenes of Mythix (channel is not mine):

    Bloom gets her shoes and first circle around her

    Musa gets her dress

    Aisha's wand comes to her (not sure about this one tho)

    These are from Vietnamese Season 6 Trailer :)

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    The Lunar New Year -- most of you here may refer it as Chinese New Year -- is over, and I'm going back to school (actually this morning I have already been). So well, I will mostly stop editing and just staying in place and helping out if needed. I will still monitor things. But it's just that I do not edit here as usually as those last times. Still, there are things to do @@... This blog shall welcome contributors' opinions ONLY!

    I have so many problems with people and the pictures, so I will be straight.

    This priority will be applied to infobox:

    • Newer season/movie/etc. pictures have higher priority than the older one.
    • 2D-animated pictures have higher priority than the 3D ones.
    • Civilian forms have lesser priority than the school uniforms and/or …

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  • Rhiabloom12

    Winx Books

    February 17, 2016 by Rhiabloom12

    There have been many chapter books about Winx Club; however none have truly been translated into English. Because these books are published by Rainbow themselves they fall under my category of "canon until proven otherwise." Many of these books can be purchased in Italian on Amazon and a thorough internet search can yield scans of some books and most images. Either way I will document the different series and the blurb(s) and maybe a summary of a few.

    This time around, Tecna outdid herself: at Alfea, the technology fairy worked hard to build her latest invention: a time machine, able to predict the future. But something goes wrong: when Tecna asks how the future with her beloved Timmy will be. What will the machine respond? Of course, what …

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  • Gumblinasuv46

    Signature 1

    February 12, 2016 by Gumblinasuv46

    Umm... Hi, I searched on the Internet, and found these pictures. Could someone tell me which anime arethese scenes from?

    Could Winx Club POSSIBLY be copying anime?

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  • Delix club

    Winx Birthdays

    January 16, 2016 by Delix club

    This question has been boggling in my mind for days- Why din't the winx club youtube channel make a Birthday video for tecna. 1st was flora's (if you're wondering which one it's this Flora's birthday), Musa's, then Aisha's, Stella's and last Bloom's. Only a few days after that I was expecting Tecna's and then waited and waited for it. I was sad now it's tecna being ignored (my thoughts).

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  • Stella8908

    ENGLISH 21-22

    January 5, 2016 by Stella8908
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  • Zeesan

    Dark Transformation Videos

    December 29, 2015 by Zeesan

     Dear  readers , 

    Todays post has got the transformation in black(halfOder)


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  • WinxForever7000

    Hey, guys i have great new for you... 

    Netflix officialy confirmed that the WOW spin-off is going to be realised at... January 2016..

    The day is not confirmed but i've seen pictures saying 1st of January which are probably unofficial...

    I cannot send you link to the page in Netflix as i don't live in the USA.. 

    Can't wait for it.. Tell me what you think :D

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  • Vanessa Straffi


    December 7, 2015 by Vanessa Straffi

    Hey! Guess who's back XD, Okay, so basically me and a few other winxers have made this forum with the url and It would be nice if a few people could check it out or maybe even sign up. There are tons of things to do like play games;read articles;roleplay etc. Thank You for your time!

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  • Wizard Slayer12


    December 6, 2015 by Wizard Slayer12

    Just watching season 7!

    I should be watching something else, but I don't feel like it!

    This is awesome!

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  • WhiteJasmineFlower

    Lately, there have been multiple uploads of pictures that are extremely bad quality (i.e. dark, blurry, unnecessarily cropped, stretched, etc.) and one of the biggest is pictures that have logos.

    These are unacceptable and the user who repeatedly uploads these will be given warnings. If these warnings are ignored and the user continues to upload these - they will be blocked. The admins are tired of constantly needing to remove these pictures in order to keep the Wikia tidy. 

    The rules have also been updated, read and review them: Help:Winx Wikia Standards. Pay close attention to the rules for the pictures and gallery as it is these two that have changed.

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Well, sorry for being so irresponsible this year. Feel like I put all the work on the fellow admins, as well as the contributors... Sorry guys. Junior year seems to be more tiring and stressful than what I have expected :(. I tried to stay online and watch thing around, but still unable to do anything -- yep, the character infobox I am in charge of. Well, I should finish it and the episode infobox some time in the new year -- I would love to note you guys that the last subject of mine is taking place on January 1st, and the next semester happens immediately so hopefully I will find sometimes finishing all the work.

    Recently I have been doing the research. About PopPixie. The recent continuity we use for the episodes, specials and movies and…

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  • KillRoy231

    Favorite villain order?

    November 27, 2015 by KillRoy231

    For me it's:

    1. Tie: Darkar and Duman
    2. Gantlos
    3. Valtor
    4. Anagan
    5. Ogron
    6. The Trix

    Tritannus, Selena, Acheron, and Kalshara will not be listed because Season 4 is final season for me, both because Seasons 1-4 are the only ones I really care about, and because they're the only Cinelume seasons (Nickelodeon must be a parallel universe coz Layla's name is Aisha just like in Italian and Nabu is actually dead). Of course if you like their seasons you can put them on your lists!

    The Trix are on the lowest spot because they used them way too much. Even when Darkar and Valtor were main villains in Seasons 2 and 3 the Trix were working for them. Even Ogron is above them because the fairy hunters were quite a refreshing change from them. I also resent them for what they …

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  • Delix club

    Hey Winxers. I was just looking for the butterflix light blue dancing theme when I came across these pics:

    I found a video too:-

    From Season 6 trailer:-

    Shocking Right!

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  • KillRoy231

    Winx Club Hate Club - Why?

    November 10, 2015 by KillRoy231

    So, while researching Winx Club's infamous disgracer, Nickelodeon, and how they have changed from the all-right company they once were, I stumbled across the Winx Club Hate Club, as I call it, and their reasons for hating Winx Club, saying it's worse than Dora the Explorer, and even plotting to murder Iginio Straffi, are reasons that I don't think are worth any of it. Even the anti-bronies didn't make my blood boil like this

    1: Too "Girly"

    What the Hate Club says: Only girls would like this show. Guys wouldn't like it whatsoever.

    My counter: As mentioned in a previous blog, people only ever say this about shows because they have a set of five or six female protagonists, and that is a somewhat sexist view. Who says guys can't enjoy shows with s…

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  • Zeesan

    Places of winx

    November 7, 2015 by Zeesan


    Todays post is about places And would like to now your openions of this Post.

    Every time the winx lives in Alfea in their big rooms like a queen. Why they dont live in a another place .

    Its like a boarding schools. 

    I also found a bedroom special bloom in greek

    Sometimes the winx lives in blooms house or palace .

    Isn'nt it nice to live not in Gardenia or visit it and come to our saate ?

    GIve your opinions me .

    Zeesan Mollah

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  • Sorreltail18

    A little message to the contributors of Winx Club Wiki.

    Hello, hello... long time no talk to those I have edited with... and a 'nice to meet you' to those I have not edited with...

    I decided to drop by here for a little visit, just to see how this wiki is doing, and my oh my, may I say that this wiki is still striving and it makes me so happy!

    If you don't know who I am, my name is Sorreltail18, also better known as Sorrel. I am a former brueacrat (however it is spelled) and admin of the wiki. I was part of the group of users who built this wiki from the ruins. I was also the user who adopted this wiki. It is funny to think that when I first started editing here, Season 4 of Winx Club had not been aired. It is crazy to think where the series …

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  • Zeesan


    November 5, 2015 by Zeesan
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