Beth McGraw is a character exclusive to the Winx Club Comic Series. She lives in Gardenia and was used by the Trix for their goal to neutralize positive magic with negative magic on Earth.


Beth has long chestnut brown hair that ends at her chest. She has light greenish-yellow eyes, a fair skin tone and freckles that sit on her cheeks.

She wears a small yellow short-sleeved shirt that ends just below her chest, exposing her midriff. She also wears blue shorts bound by a green belt, yellow knee-high socks and yellow sneakers.


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#96: Fairy for a Day

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Magical Abilities

Beth possesses destructive powers capable of spreading negative energy around. Her magical powers mostly consist of conjuring up powerful winds and tornadoes, setting things ablaze, and bending darkness to her aid in through the use of shields or as lightning bolts made from dark energy. Because her magic has been bestowed to her by the Trix, Beth's powers are almost exactly like Stormy and Darcy's. Her pyrokinesis may even be a small reference to when Darcy managed to set Alfea's Library on fire in Season 3 of the animated series.
Beth Mcgraw Impulsive Breeze - 96 Fairy for a Day

Beth using Impulsive Breeze.

Uses of Magic


  • Beth's relationship with the Trix is very similar to the relationship between Mitzi, Darma, Sally and the Wizards of the Black Circle in Season 4 of the animated series.
    • Mitzi, Sally and Darma were turned into Dark Fairies by the Wizards of the Black Circle so that they could terrorize the citizens of Gardenia, making them believe that fairies were evil, which would, in turn, make them lose their faith in the Winx and neutralize their magic. In Beth's case, she was turned into a Fairy by the Trix in order to spread as much negative energy around as possible to counteract the Winx's positive magic.
    • Unlike Mitzi and her friends, Beth retained all memories of the ordeal and even turned on the Trix once she had decided to change her ways.