Beltamy Fair is the fiancée of Silver Solo. She has only appeared in the comics and was one of the two people who caused scandals against Bloom and Sky.


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Not much is known about Beltamy except that she can be dramatic, and greedy for fame and fortune. She is selfish and will use anyone for the sake of fame and fortune. She takes great joy in scheming for plans that involved achieving more fame.


#64: Magic Holiday

When the Winx and Specialists were invited to join their professors on a vacation holiday and attend an educational hearing, Beltamy, her fiancé, Silver and his manager are observing the group as they were out on the beach having a splendid time. They plan to use Sky and Bloom to boost their fame.

After Silver was able to pull Bloom into a scandal with him, Beltamy does the same with Sky. She has her people fake a kidnapping as Sky out walking to get some time alone. He spots her getting dragged but the two men flee as Sky yells at them to stop. Beltamy fakes a fainting spell and leans onto Sky as if she were kissing him; a paparazzi then takes a picture. This story is then broadcasted to the people of Holiday Beach which upsets both Sky and Bloom.

Beltamy, Silver and his manager are unaware that Bloom has tracked their current place of residence, and Stella uses a magic ball to record their plans to once again boost their fame even more. Once Stella gives this to the television station who then broadcasts the recording, she and Silver are chased out of the town as a disgrace, forever ending their careers.