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Belizarius is a character who appears exclusively within the Winx Club Comic Series. He makes his debut in Issue 21: The Shaab Stone and he becomes the central antagonist to the Shaab Stone story arc.


Belizarius is a rather overweight man who seems to be in well over his forties as he has notable bald spots on his head. He has a light skin tone, light caramel colored hair, green eyes and some notable stubble on his upper lip.

He wears a purple suit with a reddish-violet waistcoat and light pink dress shirt underneath. He wears a small red bowtie and reddish-violet pants that have slim, vertical pink stripes to match his waistcoat. He also wears black dress shoes.


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Belizarius makes his debut in this issue having just moved his company into Magix City. He is first mentioned by Sky who explains to his friends that Belizarius was able to move the TradeMagix Company to Magix City due to his ability to make friends with those who hold high positions of power. Belizarius is then seen throwing a party in his new residency, chatting it up with one of his associates. He admits to having faced a few difficulties trying to help Belizarius move his company and claims that the realm places its efforts into its schools, so businesses like Belizarius' are not really expected. Once this associate of his leaves, Belizarius is approached by his butler, Servidio, who lets him know that everything is going according to plan.

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