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Believix is a transformation the Winx achieved in Season 4. It is the transformation after Enchantix, but it is said not to be the final form, as Miss Faragonda said in the first episode of Season 4, "The Fairy Hunters", Believix is a higher level fairy form which can be accessed by Enchantix Fairies, but it was never mentioned by her that it was the Final Fairy Form, but only one of many other Higher Level Fairy Forms.


The fairies clothing is more casual themed in this form than other forms. The fact that it looks this way could be since they obtained this form on Earth and that they are styled similarly to Earth clothing. It mainly consists of stylized skirts and/or caprices with with knee high socks and boots or sandals (similar to what they wear regularly). The wings show images that could either relate to the power or power theme (Flora's wings have a repeating flower pattern, Stella has a star pattern, and Bloom with hearts). They all also obtain a type of wrist accessory, like Tecna with fingerless gloves and Bloom with smaller versions of her arm gloves.


For a Fairy to earn her Believix form, she has to make people believe in fairies and magic, thus Believix can only be earned on Earth or somewhere where people do not believe in magic. Believix gets stronger when more people believe in magic, which means that if a fairy does not convince people to believe in fairies and magic, her powers will weaken.

The Believix comes with four types of wings: the normal wings, and then the fairy has Speedix, Zoomix and Tracix wings.

The Winx Club earn their Believix in "A Fairy in Danger" because Roxy believes in them. In the episode, "In Diana's Kingdom", the Winx earn another new power called Sophix, this is one of the Gifts of Destiny (the Gift of Wisdom) and give the Winx flower and plant powers akin to Flora's and the ability to be in complete harmony with nature. The Second Gift (the Gift of Heart) boosts their courage and they earn Lovix, a transformation that gives them ice powers. The Third Gift (the Gift of Darkness) did not give the girls a new transformation, it was instead a power to bring someone dead back to life, but they could use it only one time.

A question arose when Stella first appeared in "A Fairy in Gardenia". She got Bloom and her family to believe in magic but did not earn her Believix. This is most logically explained that a fairy must have her Enchantix to earn her complete Believix. Miss Faragonda herself confirmed it by saying that it is a Higher Fairy Form accessible to Fairies who have already gained their Final Fairy Form, their Enchantix.

Magical Abilities

With Believix, a fairy has the power to reach out to someone's heart and help people overcome their bad habits or weaknesses.

Every fairy has a different type of this power:


Every girl has a special effect added to their attacks, which is different for every girl and has something to do with their main power.

Gifts of Destiny

Main article: Gifts of Destiny

The powers of Believix Fairies are ineffective against Major Fairies of Earth as these are the Supreme Guardians of Nature, and of Earth's magic. Therefore the Winx needed higher powers to face the Major Fairies and were given the Gifts of Destiny by the Ethereal Fairies. The Gifts of Nature provide Believix Fairies with two more sub-transformations: Sophix, that allows them to unite with nature in the Kingdom of Diana, and Lovix that helps them in the cold regions of the North were Aurora rules.

Works Only On Earth?

It has widely been rumored that Believix is a transformation which works only on Earth. However, this seems unlikely, as such a thing was never mentioned anywhere in the series, and in the first episode of Season 4, Miss Faragonda had already mentioned this transformation to the Winx even before they first met the Wizards of the Black Circle and hence decided to go to Earth. This suggests that Believix is not specific to Earth, but instead can be more easily gained on Earth since people no longer believed in magic there, and that it could also be earned anywhere where people do not believe in magic and that once earned it can be used anywhere in the Universe as its powers do not limit themselves only to make people believe in magic, but also to open the hearts of people to good feelings.

Known Believix Fairies



  • The name Believix comes from the word "believe".
  • In the fifth season, the Winx learn Believix is much weaker underwater and is useless to fight the Trix with. This may be because the Trix are getting stronger because of Tritannus giving them more power.
  • Believix by far is the only known Higher Fairy Forms in the series. The other transformations such as Sirenix, Bloomix, etc. are Fairy Power.
  • Believix is the second transformation to be first earned in the sixth episode of a season. First was Enchantix.
    Hmm Roxy Believix (again)
  • On May 7th, 2016, Rainbow releases the Click and Play video in their YouTube channel and confirms that Roxy has Believix powers.
    • This was revealed before via a poll in Winx Club official website.
    • However, it is unknown how Roxy acquires Believix, as Believix is the "higher" fairy level, means it requires the fairy must earn the previous levels (Winx, Charmix and Enchantix). And Bloom once stated Roxy could not join their trip to Amazon jungle because it was too dangerous for a fairy without Believix powers.

Transformation Sequences

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