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The Beetle Roaches are magical creatures introduced in Season 1.


The Beetle Roaches feed off of trash.


The Beetle Roaches are large insects with metal-like skin. The Beetle Roaches are green and brown and their mother is pink, with a frill on her neck and is the biggest of all the roaches.


Season 1

In "Storming Cloud Tower", the Winx and Specialists end up in Cloud Tower's junkyard where they come face to face with the Beetle Roaches until a disguised warrior comes and chases them away.


In "The Battle for Magix", Stella, Bloom, Brandon, Sky and Knut end up in Cloud Tower's garbage dump. The roaches come out of their hiding place and attack them until Riven comes to save them. He blasts the queen and she retreats, the other roaches follow suit.


  • The Beetle Roaches have eight legs like spiders, not six legs like insects.
  • The frill of the Queen Beetle Roach resembles the collar of Griffin's dress.
  • In the specials, they are called Dump Roaches.


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