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Professor Avalon


Voiced by
Stefano Crescentini (Original/Italian)
Marc Thompson (4Kids)
Michael Dorn (Nickelodeon)
Stuart Zagnit (RAI English)
Unknown (Nickelodeon)
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance
Magic Bonding (original)
Last Appearance

Professor Avalon is a paladin who teaches at Alfea. His class of Magicphilosophy, a mix of magic and philosophy. Before coming to Alfea, he used to teach at the prestigious Malacoy Paladion Academy.


Season 2

Avalon imposter
Avalon Imposter

In the second season, a double of Professor Avalon was sent by Darkar to Alfea, while the real one was being imprisoned. Professor Avalon first came off as a great wizard who cared about his students. This impostor cast a homesickness spell on the pixies and cast a malicious curse on Bloom, rendering her evil. When the real Professor Avalon, a Paladin, escaped, he confirmed his identity by showing the letter of recommendation he had to Miss Faragonda. She confirmed the authenticity of the letter, acknowledging that there had been a false Avalon. The impostor lured Bloom into a trap and captured her, revealing his true form. The fake Avalon was presumably destroyed when Darkar was destroyed.

Winx Club: The Shadow Phoenix

When Aisha, Stella, and Bloom were at Darkar's fortress, the Trix with their Gloomix nearly defeated them, but (fake) Avalon rescued the Winx to gain their trust and defeated the Trix. Unlike in the original, instead of Darkar summoning an impostor, Darkar himself is the impostor.

Season 3

Professor Avalon was only seen once in a meeting with Griselda in "The Red Tower".

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Bloom tied to the table with Darkar and fake Avalon


Divx Ita Winx Club II - Episodio 09 - Il segreto del professor avalo01

He has large, glowing, golden-white wings, and black hair with a dark gray streak on each side. He is also tall and muscular with gray eyes. Avalon wears a long white, gold, and red coat with matching white boots and a light blue vest with two dark blue swirls. His impostor had the same yellow eyes that Dark Bloom had, and scars on his face that appeared when his facade was revealed.


  • Avalon is a legendary island that appears in the Arthurian legend. Avalon was associated from an early date with mystical practices and people such as Morgan le Fay and is described as the place where King Arthur's sword Excalibur (Caliburnus in Latin, from Welsh Caledfwlch) was forged and later where Arthur was taken to recover from his wounds after the Battle of Camlann where he defeated his evil rebel son Mordred but was himself mortally wounded.
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