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Anne is Aisha's only childhood friend who made an appearance in Season 2 after Aisha's introduction. She loved to dance and always tried to cheer Aisha up. She was forced to separate from her friend. She is from Eros and currently lives there.


Anne is a slightly tan-skinned girl with very few freckles below each eye. Her lips are peach-colored, as is her eye shadow. Her eyes are a deep blue. She has orange hair worn in braided pigtails held with tiny blue ribbons at the tip and tube-like pieces at her head. She had few loose bangs, and wore a lilac-colored sweatband.

Anne's attire consisted of a pale colored top with pastel pink up the center with fuchsia stitching, a purple puffed opened jacket with two-layer puff sleeves, and white with bright blue lining wristbands/bracelets.


Anne is cheerful and has a free spirit, which surprises Aisha. Anne is also very friendly to other people and very helpful and encouraging to her friends. She is able to dance and teach others about it, too.


Anne taught Aisha how to dance, and was always cheering her up and trying to convince her to not be afraid of being alone or suddenly becoming alone. As her only childhood friend, she was forced to move away and leave the lonely Aisha.


Season 2

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