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Andy is a guitarist in a band with his friends Mark and Rio, and is also Bloom's ex-boyfriend from before she discovered her fairy identity. He and his friends perform at Frutti Music Bar regularly throughout Season 4.


Andy has short, somewhat spiky black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. He wears a light blue, short sleeved shirt over a burgundy and dark blue striped long sleeved T-shirt, with dark jeans, and reddish purple high tops. During his first appearance in Season 4, it was stated that Andy used to wear glasses, but later started using contact lenses.


Andy is friendly and sociable. He was the first to reach out to Bloom when he noticed her at the busy Love & Pet shop. He is smooth with his words and gestures, which can be seen when he flirts with Bloom, making it obvious he still has feelings for her. He is however, not a pushy person, is respectful and willing to help others. He does not hold grudges and likes to joke around sometimes, shown when he teased Riven for the flowers that landed onto Rio's hands causing him to sneeze.

Andy has a sense for music as he plays in a band and usually plays at the Frutti Music Bar. He is extremely passionate about music which allows him to bond with Musa.


Andy lived in Gardenia and dated Bloom for some time while the two were in high school. The two broke up for reasons that still remain unknown and Andy still harbored feelings for Bloom. However, after being told of Bloom's current relationship with Sky, Andy backed off.


Season 4

Andy and his band

Andy and his band.

Andy appears in Season 4 at the Frutti Music Bar, working for Roxy's dad, Klaus. He is shown being a point of consternation between Musa and Riven and Bloom and Sky, as he flirts with both Musa and Bloom in the view of the Specialists, causing a rift between the two couples.

Andy and his band helping the Winx

Andy and his friends helping the Winx.

Throughout the season he is seen mostly at the Frutti Music Bar, often lending a hand to Musa when she began her music career as well as performing together from time to time and when the Winx wanted to start a band together. He and his band also competed at a concert audition held by Jason Queen at the Frutti Music Bar but did not win.



  • His hair slightly resembles Brandon's as it has a long fringe on the sides of the head.
  • Gianluca Crisafi, Andy's voice actor, also plays Brandon in Season 5 of the Italian dub.
  • Andy experiences two comic-exclusive romances and he seems to be the only human character to do so.
    • In Issue 108, it is implied that Andy had fallen for his band's newest member, a talented Celtic singer named Maeve. Later into the issue, however, it is revealed that his infatuation with Maeve was all due to her bewitching him with her voice.
    • In Issue 117, Andy falls for Astrid, the princess of the mythical city of ice known as Asgard, during a concert his band held there. However, being unable to survive in Asgard's unforgiving cold, Andy had to leave Astrid behind. Fortunately, by the end of the issue, the Winx are able to help him and Astrid reunite and he and Astrid promise to see each other whenever they can.

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