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Voiced By
Gianluca Crisafi (Original/Italian)
Unknown (Cinélume)
Justin Prentice (Nickelodeon)
Possibly 19
Skills and Abilties
Musician (sings and plays guitar)
First Appearance
Bloom (ex-girlfriend)
Mark, Rio (friends/band mates)
Last Appearance

Andy is a guitarist in a band, with his friends Mark and Rio, that performs at Frutti Music Bar regularly throughout Season 4. He is Bloom's ex-boyfriend.


Andy has short, somewhat spiky black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. He wears a light blue, short sleeved shirt opened over a dark red and dark blue striped long sleeved shirt, with dark jeans, and reddish purple high tops. On his first appearance in Season 4, it was stated that Andy used to wear glasses, but later started using contact lenses.


Andy lives in Gardenia and is Bloom's ex-boyfriend. This causes tension between him and Sky but later cleared up. It's obvious that Andy still has feelings for Bloom but doesn't show them, as Bloom does not have any feelings towards him.

Andy also plays in a band and usually plays at the Frutti Music Bar.


Season 4

Andy and his band

Andy and his band

Andy appears in Season 4 at the Frutti Music Bar, working for Roxy's dad, Klaus. He is shown being a point of consternation between Musa and Riven and Bloom and Sky, as he flirts with both Musa and Bloom in the view of the Specialists, causing a rift between the two couples. Through out
Andy and his band helping the Winx

Andy and his friends helping the Winx

the season he is seen mostly at the Frutti Music Bar, often lending a hand to Musa when she began her music career as well as performing together from time to time and when the Winx wanted to start a band together. He and his band also competed at a concert audition held by Jason Queen at the Frutti Music Bar but did not win.


  • His hair slightly resembles Brandon's as it is has a long fringe on the sides of their heads.
  • Gianluca Crisafi, Andy's voice actor, also plays Brandon in Season 6 in the Italian dub.

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