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This article is about the fairy that appears in the second season. You may be looking for the fairy that appears in the fourth season.
Alice is a fairy who attends Alfea and she has ice powers. She has made cameo appearances in Season 2, 3, 45 and 7.


She is an elegant-looking girl with long, grayish blue hair that is somewhat curly. Her lips appear reddish, while her eyeshadow seems purple. Her eyes look to be blue-gray.

She wears a blue ballon sleeve shirt with the front appearing ice blue outlined in purplish-black and she wears a purple knee-length skirt that has an opening in the right side. She also wears blue knee socks with tall purple boots.

In her Fairy form, she wears an ice blue collared jumpsuit with shorts and a piece of blue on the back and side of her chest also, connected is a purple cape. She wears the same boots as her civilian outfit only lacking socks. Her wings are magenta/pink.


Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 12.26.11 PM

Alice at the new Red Fountain.

Alice is one of the many minor fairies who is seen time to time in the episodes. In "The Phoenix Revealed", she is seen as Jared's love interest.

Alice fight

Alice fighting

She helps other fairies defend Alfea and fights with the witches that were controlled by Valtor. In the picture below, she is seen shooting a green ray, this spell is unknown for her though.

Alice s5
She appears in "Listen to your Heart" during the volleyball scene.

Fairies 7x24 3
She appears in "The Golden Butterfly" where together with Roxy, Francine, Ahisa, Amaryl, Kimmy, Oleana, Miky and Karina is fighting against the Trix.

Magical Abilities

Alice possesses the ability to magically control ice, however, she has not been see casting any sort of icy spells as of yet.


  • Alice shares her a common power with that of Icy and Aurora. Additionally, she also shares this trait with Astrid in the comics.
    • Naturally, this makes her powers the magical opposite to Bloom's.
  • Alice is currently dating Jared.
  • She has the same voice actress with Diaspro in 4Kids dub.
  • Alice is also the name of another Alfea fairy.
  • Her name has old German origin and means "noble, exalted".

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