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This article is about the fairy that appears in the first season. You may be looking for the fairy that appears in the fourth season.
Alice is a fairy who attends Alfea that has ice powers.




The Shadow Phoenix

Alice can be seen cheering on at Red Fountain, celebrating the newly built school with her classmates.


Season 3

Alice makes a brief appearance in only the first panel of Issue 45. She is seen walking in the same direction as Trista and the both of them as well as many of their other classmates are surprised by Tecna rushing up the staircase and down the halls.

Flirting with Sky (I59)

Alice flirting with Sky as she asks him to dance.

Alice has a more prominent appearance in Issue 59, as she now has a speaking role. It is still a very minor one, though, as she does not appear until halfway through at Magix City's Central Nightclub under the name Jenny.

Winx Band p31

Alice pulling Sky out onto the dance floor.

Sky and the rest of the Specialists are watching the Winx perform yet another gig until Jenny bumps into Sky, surprised to see him all by himself, as he is almost always with Bloom. She then takes this as an opportunity to dance with the Eraklyon Prince and the two dance awfully close to one another out on the dance floor after Sky ultimately accepts her invitation. Bloom catches a glimpse of the two dancing and this sparks tension between her and Sky once their performance is over.

Magical Abilities

Alice possesses the ability to magically control ice.

Alice may know some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.


  • Alice shares her a common power with that of Icy, her ancestor, Belladona, and Aurora. Additionally, she also shares this trait with Astrid in the comics.
    • Naturally, this makes her powers the magical opposite to Bloom's.
  • She has the same voice actress with Diaspro in 4Kids dub.
  • Alice is also the name of another Alfea fairy.
  • Her name has old German origin and means "noble, exalted".

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