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Agador Box - Episode 318
The Agador Box is a magical box having the power of containing any spell or form of magic placed in it.


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Valtor - Episode 318

Valtor steals the Agador Box.

Valtor steals it from the Museum of Magix with the help of the Trix, and he uses it to keep all the magical spells that he had stolen. He seals the box with his magical mark.

Bloom later uses her Fairy Dust to break Valtor's Mark from the Box, therefore releasing most of the spells contained in it, which return to their respective places where they used to be before Valtor stole them. The only spell to have remain with Valtor is the Spell of the Elements.

Faragonda, Aisha - Episode 401

Faragonda gives the Winx their gifts.

In Season 4, when Faragonda give the Winx girls miniature Enchantix wings that can be used as keys to enter the Hall of Enchantments in Alfea, the wings were kept in a box that looked exactly like the Agador Box. It could be that the authorities of Magix gave the Box to Faragonda after Valtor's defeat, or Faragonda's box could be a copy of it.


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